4 human errors that cost millions

By Fiona Ness on Tue 05 August 2014 in Topical

Mistakes or human errors happen on a daily basis, especially in businesses without solid and efficient processes in place.

The trouble is, we get used to dealing with them, and even predict what they will cost us each year.

When you start to think about the small errors you (or others) have made, particularly at work, they begin to add up in cost. Whether it’s accidently breaking a product and having to write it off, sending an email to the wrong person, or incorrectly billing a customer, they cost you time, money or relationships.

Here are 4 shocking human errors and what they cost in time and money…

The leaning tower of Pisa
Cost: 199 years

Builders spent hundreds of years on the tower of Pisa only to find out that it was being built on unstable ground and therefore started to lean. The tower now leans about 3.99 degrees.

Winning Euromillions ticket thrown away
Cost: £181 million

A woman who played the lottery every week picked the correct numbers only to find out that her husband had thrown the ticket away!

NASA and Lockheed Martin Satellite
Cost: $125 million

In 1999 a team of engineers at Lockheed Martin worked alongside NASA to build a Mars orbiter. The problem was, NASA and Lockheed Martin were using 2 different measurement systems meaning the co-ordination of the orbiter couldn’t be determined and it was lost in space.

Employee sleeps on keyboard
Cost: 222 million euros

A German employee who was meant to transfer 62.40 euros fell asleep on his keyboard and accidently transferred over 22 million euros!

Errors can cost, be that money, time or relationships, no matter how big or small your business is.

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