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What is your top tip for small businesses using a CRM solution?

By Victoria Dyke on Wed 08 January 2014 in CRM

2013 showed an increase in SME’s adopting CRM solutions, in the main for reasons such as sales management, marketing campaigns, data management, customer service and general process.

However, most research has shown that many of these SME’s have struggled to see the full potential of their CRM; key ambitions or goals soon diminished and the CRM system often quickly became ‘the elephant in the room’ or the most complained about admin task in the office.

Clearly not a great outcome for any software investment.

Reasons given to why this can happen highlighted one particular area to me. Time investment (or limited resources)…

SME’s are busy organisations, there is barely enough time in the day for your daily tasks let alone for training, encouraging users to adopt different processes or reviewing any changes need to tweak and maximise your investment.

So, if you are using a CRM solution, and to help out all the SME’s amongst us, we would like to ask you 1 question, based on your experience.

What is your top tip for small businesses using a CRM solution?

Simply fill in the question above and I will report back on all the results we receive. I will cover the most useful tips and advice in the hope to provide SME’s with solid, tried and tested CRM strategies and solutions.

Keep an eye out for our findings back here later this month!

Thank you from the ProspectSoft Team.