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CET develops home emergency app using ProspectSoft’s accounts-integrated CRM solution

By Jess Heald on Mon 12 December 2016 in Web & eCommerce

At ProspectSoft, each solution is built upon our proprietary platform then tailored to suit the specific business requirements of our customers. 

With the market-leading home emergency app, SIMPLIFi, for example, we’re helping CET, a specialist provider of services to the UK infrastructure, civil engineering, construction, property and insurance industries, to transform home emergency response.

The SIMPLIFi app is used by CET’s home emergency technicians nationwide and offers a data collection platform that tracks projects from claim to resolution. The app is used to reduce home repair and insurance claim time and provide a more transparent customer service. Our CRM solution enables CET to manage even the most complex of inbound claims via the app, collating the necessary information for the job to then be assigned to a technician in the near vicinity via their mobile device.

We spoke with CET’s Bob Blunden, who explained: “The ProspectSoft CRM solution integrates with the CET accounting system to unite business and customer data from across the organisation and completely eliminate paper processes. SIMPLIFi was the natural next step to utilising this data for the benefit of all involved in resolving a claim.”

With SIMPLIFi, every aspect of a home emergency response visit is logged, from the health and safety checks and amount of time spent at a property, through to the submission of the technician’s invoice. For insurers, loss adjusters and claim handlers, this provides real-time access to a complete paperless audit trail for the entire repair process, along with a faster response service for insurance customers. For the technician, SIMPLIFi removes the onus of any prior communication with the customer so they can focus on the job at hand, and receive swifter payment once it’s complete.

“Previously, there was no way of monitoring the progress of technicians as they moved from job to job; if an insurance customer called to request an estimated arrival time, for example, the call centre agent would have to contact the technician and interrupt their current job, before returning the customer’s call with an answer. With SIMPLIFi, we can be proactive in our customer service, triggered by a series of automatic update alerts on the technician’s whereabouts,” commented Bob.

Since launching earlier this year, SIMPLIFi has already proven popular with major insurers. For CET, it has halved the time taken to approve payments, freed up a significant number of the administration team to focus on claim handling duties and increased capacity for weather event surges.

Bob concluded: “Through SIMPLIFi, ProspectSoft has provided us with industry leading insight into our business that is revolutionising the way we manage claims”.

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