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Google announce new algorithm

By Victoria Dyke on Sun 13 October 2013 in Web Analytics

Known as Hummingbird, Google have recently announced a brand-new search engine algorithm.

Due to the increase of voice based searches, and our demanding requests of accurate results the algorithm is designed to focus on a more intelligent understanding of search engine requests.

As we move more and more into digital thinking, we always find ourselves looking to the internet to help in our information search and even with our buying decisions. As a result, internet data volumes, have dramatically increased and we are now attempting to refine our search terms to get to what we want. This often means we try multiple searches before settling with an answer, not only is this more time consuming but also frustrating in an area that is supposed to be ‘quick and easy’ to find what you are looking for.

The trouble is that your search results are currently defined by the keywords within your search, rather than understanding the sentence you have actually typed.

The Hummingbird algorithm is set to understand more question words such as ‘how’ and ‘why’ and will carefully consider the meaning of each sentence.

This means that those longer and more accurate search terms will now actually produce better and more accurate results. Good news all round!

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