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Is eMail Marketing a dying trend?

By Jessica Heald on Mon 16 September 2013 in Email Marketing

With over 1 billion email users worldwide and over 730 million business inboxes in the UK alone, organisations know that eMail Marketing is something they cannot go without.

Some have called it a dying trend, but recent research has actually shown that businesses are currently dedicating more and more money to eMail Marketing strategies. In fact, companies are investing more in eMail marketing than in any other marketing strategy. But, as SPAM filters and inbox providers are making it increasingly difficult to get emails delivered, the question, why are we investing so heavily in eMail Marketing, arises.

The truth is, that no matter how hard it becomes, eMail is the best form of communication with existing or potential customers. The number of emails sent per day still outnumbers Facebook Posts and Tweets by 4:1, even excluding SPAM.

Done right, eMail Marketing gives you the option to cheaply send relevant messages to an extremely targeted audience. Plus, with the eMail Marketing services now available you can see who is interacting with your eMails and progress opportunities with a more personal touch.

Done wrong, you could be considered as a SPAMer and lose interested clients. Read more about overcoming SPAM filters in our upcoming article ‘Why 22% of emails don’t reach the inbox’.

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