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Hybrid CRM: A better kind of cloud

By Stuart McLaren on Tue 20 August 2013 in Cloud

We have met a lot of businesses who have searched high and low for the right hosted solution, and it’s clear that all cloud solutions have plenty of pros and cons. But if you’re not big on compromise then where do you go next?

Hybrid CRM can be seen as the no-compromise solution that offers total flexibility. You can put just some users on the cloud, or all of them on the cloud. You can still run mobile clients for those that need offline access whilst on the road, you can still have full integration to other business systems. You can still access key information on a smartphone or tablet device. You can access that centralised database from the office, from home, on your PC, tablet, phone…whatever your role, there is an option for you.

What this means for you…

If you are desperate to be on the Cloud, then you can jump right in and move all your CRM users to the cloud today, allowing all users to access your CRM from the office, home, or on the road.

If you are a cloud-convert but have existing hardware investments that you want to see out, you can use a hybrid model to transition to the cloud – moving a few users at a time.

And If you are cloud-wary, then you can just use the cloud for home-workers and road-warriors while retaining a traditional network, and local database in your office.

However you want to work, with a hybrid option you can maximise the efficiency of each employee as needed!