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By Victoria Dyke on Tue 09 July 2013 in Web & eCommerce

This year we are seeing more and more B2B organisations making the move to mobile commerce as a sales channel (Forrester Research). And, for the first time since 2001 it has been predicted that the sales of PC’s will be lower than the previous year.

So what are we buying as businesses? The answer? Tablet devices. They are easier to transport, easy to use, unobtrusive to clients and a nice looking addition to assist in our sales. Add this to the number of smartphones and notebooks being sold and we can begin to understand the fundamental shift in how we need to build a website.

Apps have been a popular choice for some time now, but creating an app for every platform is no small task, which instead brings us to mobile friendly websites. This is perhaps less of an issue for the bigger tablet devices – and other than making certain that clickable areas are obvious & big enough for a stubby finger – there perhaps isn’t too much to do. For some applications – particularly mobile shopping experiences where your customer is a field based worker making a ‘distress purchase’ often from a mobile phone, then an auto sensing mobile site is the right solution – follow this link to our gallery site where some of the sites have this functionality.

The other option is by using responsive web designs, or put simply websites that work equally well on every device, we have created several of these for our customers eCommerce portals. What does it mean? It’s simple, whether you are viewing the website on a smartphone, tablet or desktop browser the website will shrink, expand and readjust to suit the device you are on. For example a desktop browser may support a 3 column website, a tablet maybe just 2 columns and a smartphone just 1 column. All the same content, images and functionality, just displayed in a format that suits you.

What are the benefits? Easy…You get one website that works seamlessly across hundreds of screens.