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Streamline your Web Analytics with CRM

By Emma Hart on Fri 24 May 2013 in Web Analytics

3 reasons why you should streamline your Web Analytics with your CRM solution...

The Triple Threat

When you come across a powerful tool that gives you the ability to enhance employee productivity, increase sales effectiveness and gain stronger relationships with customers and prospects, it’s clear you’ve got an excellent foundation to gain real ROI in your organisation. But to get ahead of the game it’s important to consider the impact that integrating your Email Marketing Campaigns, Web Analytics and CRM can have.

Being able to view all interactions with customers and prospects streamlined with a detailed analysis of your personalised and targeted E-marketing results whilst monitoring traffic and visitor behaviour paints an instrumental and powerful picture of your target base. This triple threat gives you the competitive advantage allowing you to see the full profile of all the prospects and customers you have made contact with.

This level of information can not only help you understand how successful your campaigns have been but also help determine future marketing campaigns and pitch the right ideas at the right time to the right people.

How does it work?

By integrating Web Analytics to a CRM System, you are able to quickly see if they are an existing prospect in your data-base and which campaign they have come from, then track every activity they make on your website. If they are a brand new prospect you have never heard of, the integration between two systems allows you to quickly add them into your database and begin recording their web traffic whenever the re-visit. Not only can you get the full picture of your web traffic, but it’s an excellent way to import new valuable data to target.

The beauty of integrating web analytics with CRM is that it will constantly feed the warm leads to your sales team. The ability to identify the journey a visitor has on your website and where they have come from (e-shot click-throughs) before making contact is invaluable. Say goodbye to wasted time by eliminating those cold calls to companies that don’t require your products and services and focus on the most valuable leads that have shown interest in your company. If you hit a brick wall when making contact, not to worry, simply set an alert to tell you when they are back on your website. You can even go as far as alerting your sales team if a visitor views a particular page or uses a keyword.

Reaping the Rewards

No matter how far along your progress is, whether you are in the initial decision making stages of implementing CRM, Email Marketing or Web Analytics within your company, we will help to make this integration as smooth and efficient as possible. When Email Marketing, CRM and Web Analytics are not fully integrated, you are only seeing a small piece of the puzzle and you are often left throwing darts in the dark. ProspectSoft will be on hand to help implement, train and make sure all of your processes are streamlined to give you the most accurate and effective marketing campaigns. If you would like to find out more about the combination of CRM, Email Marketing, and Web Analytics give us a call, request a free demo or sign up to our 30 day Web Analytics free trial today.