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Add Even More Intelligence to your Email Campaigns

By Emma Hart on Mon 29 April 2013 in Web Analytics

Big Brother is watching you!

It’s no secret that businesses are monitoring the actions taken from their marketing material, from eMail Marketing to social media, to cookies on a website (have you noticed how adverts on a website are always tailored to what you are interested in?). eMail Marketing in particular has been on the rise for a few years now, especially within the B2B sector, and with the increase in the number of active email users and web-based mobile clients it’s no wonder there is so much to say about how to target the right audience with the right messages.

We are always looking to create successful campaigns and increase recipient engagement with our messages, hence the need to know what someone is interested in. Being able to track what the recipient has clicked on is becoming ever more popular in eMail Marketing to help create focused follow up rather than the scatter-gun approach of cold calling.

eMail Marketing best practice has had a heavy focus over the past few years. So, imagine you have put your email together following all of the best practice standards which has resulted in an engaging piece that generates clicks to your website. You are monitoring the clicks from your email and then pick up the phone, give them a call to which a reply of “Sorry, I’m not interested at the moment” echos back at you. You’ve hit a brick wall…or so you think…

Getting ahead of the competition

They may not be interested at this moment in time but this doesn’t mean a lost opportunity in total, perhaps they will be interested in the future. Many of our first points of call would be to put them back into a lead nurturing campaign and wait for them to make contact. But given the low statistics from our previous blog (only 5%  of visitors to a B2B site will make make contact with you), many of us would like to take a more proactive approach..  But how will you know when they are interested again, or if they’ve since researched your website, this time perhaps at the right time in their buying cycle, or checked out the competition and made an informed decision of which company to move forward with.

You can now set up a ‘Company Watch’ on your website which means you would be instantly notified if they were browsing your website again – be that from an e-shot or simply browsing. This means you can proactively call and catch them at the most crucial part in their buying cycle before your competitors do and know what they are looking at in real time.

Combining Email Marketing with Web Analytics

Combining your eMail Marketing platform with Web Analytics is a powerful duo that lets you see the full picture on your customers and prospects. Not only does this give an opportunity to track opens and click-through activity from you email, but you have the ability to combine these responses with when and where they have visited your website after their initial action. Gaining a detailed insight into each of your visitors journey will help to build an extensively detailed profile of their interests so you can specifically target them.

Seamlessly aligning eMail Marketing and Web Analytics to create a clear picture of the progression and relationship between email clicks, site visits and lead nurturing activities will not only set you miles apart from your competition but aid you to gain real intelligence and ROI from your email campaigns, making you a powerful force not to be reckoned with!

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