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The Big Launch has finally arrived

By Fiona Ness on Thu 19 July 2012 in CRM

The big launch is here!

If you’ve spoken to anyone here at ProspectSoft over the last few weeks, I’m sure you’ve heard quite a bit about the Big Launch: ‘it’s the biggest launch in ProspectSoft history’, ‘there are more new developments than ever’. You’ve probably even heard the word Cloud being muttered, but on the whole we’ve kept a lot of the information quiet.

It is now my pleasure to tell you exactly what you can expect from ProspectSoft’s new developments…

Well I say ‘exactly what you can expect’ but in fact there are over 400 new software developments and whilst I could quite easily write you a book I know you’re busy, so here are our Top 10 (actually it’s 11) favourite things:


1. Hosted Solutions … head for the Clouds…

2. User Login’s integrated with your Windows Active Directory

3. New .Net Save to CRM and Outlook Contact Lookup

4. Credit Card Processing and Receipt Posting in CRM as well as eCommerce

5. Automated plugin manager and installer

For eMarketing

6. All new Profiling solution for flexibly categorising customer records

7. Selecting Divisions to target and then filtering the targeted contacts by role

For mobile

8. mSales solution for easy Field order taking on mobile devices and tablets, including Android, iPhones and iPads.

For eCommerce

9. All New eCommerce Product Manager … easy image management in the cloud

10. Guest Checkout and other features to ensure maximum online conversion and minimize abandoned baskets

One for luck…

11. New Look, New feel and new Cloud delivery across all products
So that’s the cut down version.

If you want to know more just give us a call, or if you want a moment to catch your breath why not just sit and admire the new branding on our  website.