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How email marketing can counter rising pay per click prices…

By Rob Drummond on Thu 08 December 2011 in Email Marketing

Has your business ever run a pay-per-click campaign? We would be interested to know, because in nearly every industry we have studied we have discovered the price of a click is rising.

If you have never run a pay-per-click campaign, we are discussing the placing of ads at the top and on right of the search engines to drive when peoples searching for particular terms. We are yet to meet a business that does not want more visitors to their website, and buying clicks is the fastest way to increase these visitors.

Buying clicks however, is becoming expensive. When Google first introduced Google Adwords, you could buy clicks at a on competitive rate of  5 or 10 pence. Now, bidding on the term ‘email marketing’ for example can cost over £10 per click!

While email marketing is an extreme example, you may have seen this in your own industry. Clicks that used to be 20p are now £1. Clicks that used to be £1 are now £3.

It isn’t just pay per click…

Getting your website ranked organically (on the left hand side of the search engine) has also become more difficult. You need to produce great content for your website. You need to find relevant websites and ask them to link to you. You need to make sure your website is listed in relevant industry directories. Altogether not the fastest process – and a lot of manual work.

Website creation has become commoditised by great content management systems. Because it is now easier to create a website (and every business has one), ultimately there is  more competition.

So getting traffic is getting harder and more expensive. The question is what can you do to protect yourself?

Make your website more effective

For the visitors you do get, you can set up tests on your website so that more people make a sales enquiry, or more people buy your products.  Of course, this is a long term process that is easier said than done!

We recommend using Google Website Optimizer to start testing different versions of your web pages.

Your next best option – we think – is to improve the quality of your email marketing, and make better use of the customer intelligence it generates.

We have covered in previous posts how to improve the quality of your email marketing,making sure you are maximising the number of emails that get delivered, and avoiding the spam filters. We also covered how to make sure your emails compete for eyeball time in your recipient’s inbox.

Doing that gets you into the game. What sets you apart however, is  sharing information about who opened your emails, and what they clicked on. Extending this information to your sales teams along with the customer’s purchase history and past conversations is what sets you apart from the competition.

Pay per click is getting more expensive because the barriers to creating a Google Adwords account are low. It is possible to get your ads appearing within 15 minutes. Because it is easy and fast to do, everyone has done it and it has become expensive.

Optimising your email marketing is not as fast, or easy. Because it isn’t as fast or easy, most of your competitors won’t bother doing it. They will send untargeted email ‘blasts’ out, then claim email marketing ‘no longer works’.

You of course, know differently.

If you want to start seeing better email marketing results, you have to put in the time and effort required . You also need tools that give you the highest possible chance of success.

If you would like to improve the quality of your email marketing, and:

  • Target recipients based on more sophisticated targeting criteria
  • Maximise your deliverability and open rates
  • Share information about what a contact has responded to

Then I urge you to take a look today at ProspectSoft Email Marketing. What sets ProspectSoft Email Marketing apart is that it comes with a fully functional CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. The CRM system then collates all of a customer’s information in the same place: the phone calls you have had, the products they have bought, the emails they opened and what links they clicked on.

It does take a little work, and what you then do with this information is up to you. But in our opinion, it is the safest way to give you a sustainable competitive advantage.

There are now less than two weeks until the end of our email marketing promotion. Until Christmas, we are offering three months of  no monthly charges on all email marketing solutions.

Take a look today –  www.prospectsoft/

Clicks will not get cheaper. SEO will not get easier. It’s time to make the most of what you already have.