Adding Value for our Clients

By Nicola Macdonald on Fri 17 September 2010 in CRM

*Editors note: Are you looking for a more rewarding way of doing business? Today’s guest post from Nicola Macdonald looks at adding more value to your business.*

At Accountech we strive to be ‘Go Givers’.  We use this principle to provide excellent value to our customers.

The concept is told in a powerful and moving story in ‘The Go-Giver’ by Bob Burg & John David Mann about an ambitious young man, a real Go-Getter, who works hard and fast and yearns for success.  The story takes the reader through five simple principles that help you to achieve your goals through a generous and giving spirit.

By putting our clients’ interests first and continually looking at ways that we can add value to their businesses, ultimately leads to results, sometimes in the most unexpected ways.

We recently asked all of our clients ‘What are your burning issues?’  We wanted them to think beyond their accounting system or CRM system, which is generally what they associate Accountech with.  We asked them to think about all sorts of business issues from whether they are satisfied with the service their bank provides, do they know the benefits of cloud computing, if carbon management is required, could Google Ads drive traffic to their website; a whole host of different topics.

Many of the topics that we talked to our clients about are not services that we provide or ever intend to provide.  However we do want to be recognised by our clients as more than just a business software provider.  To do this we have built up a select group of trusted ‘partners’ who can help us to help our clients.  We are now able to build a much stronger relationship with our clients through working with our ‘partners’ to help our clients address and resolve their burning business issues.

What’s in it for us?!  A happy customer who values their relationship with Accountech and a client who is extremely happy to recommend our services and act as a reference.  In  addition, we have a group of trusted ‘partners’ who are happy to recommend the services of Accountech to their clients.

Being a Go Giver is an extremely satisfying way to do business.