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Major Prospect 365 Feature Update: January 2017

By Jessica Heald on Tue 31 January 2017 in Product Releases

As of January 2017, ProspectSoft will publish Product Releases blogs to update customers about any significant or new features on both the version 6 and Prospect 365 platforms.

Searching & Speed Announcement

Customers are now able to take advantage of a useful new search functionality in the eCommerce platform.

Previously, customers were unable to search for a product without knowing the exact order of wording in which the product was saved as.

Now, customers are able to search for a product in a variety of ways using full or half word combinations in any order. For example, if a user wanted to locate a ‘Blue Highlighter Pen’, this could be inputted into the search field as ‘highl pen blue’ or ‘pen blue highl’ etc. This intelligent searching feature benefits customers as it saves time searching for exact wording combinations. Instead, products are more quickly identified with ease.

[Note: If you have custom search reports, these will need a quick update to benefit from this feature].

Due to new searching and pricing algorithms, site pages are now generated faster than ever before. This makes the eCommerce experience a more seamless, efficient one for both site visitors/customers and for you yourself.

Additionally, pages are now able to display 50+ products per page. This not only allows customers to see a more complete view of products and product categories, but also offers businesses a chance to more effectively upsell, as customers will now be more aware of the range of products available.

If you would like to see what other new features have been released in January 2017, please visit our Monthly Roundup article on our New Features page here.