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By Jess Heald on Wed 07 June 2017 in Blog

At ProspectSoft, we’re committed to the creation of integrated CRM and eCommerce SaaS solutions with small-to-medium sized businesses in mind. We want to continue working even closer with customers and extend this support, which is why we’ve launched our brand new Alliance Partnership Scheme!

Following the successful launch of our award-nominated, cloud-based CRM and eCommerce platform, Prospect 365, the Alliance Partnership Scheme is an innovative way to further enhance customer benefits. For UK SMEs using Access Dimensions, Exchequer, Greentree, Pegasus Opera, Sage or SAP, the scheme can allow them to benefit from an ongoing monthly revenue sharing opportunity of up to 30% - just by recommending a client to take a no obligation free trial of Prospect 365.

With the Alliance Partnership Scheme, which launched this week, we aim to provide a mutually beneficial and sustainable working relationship. If an alliance partner successfully recommends a free trial to a client they can earn up to a 30% margin on the lifetime of a paid subscription. 

What is Prospect 365?

Prospect 365 is the most integrated success platform for businesses with accounting solutions Exchequer, Sage, Pegasus, Access, SAP and Greentree. Through integration with one of these back-office accounting solutions, as well as eCommerce, eMarketing and Office 365 functionality as required, Prospect 365 users can pull together all customer information in a single, consolidated view. Hosted in the cloud, this gives real business control that’s available anywhere and from any device – from marketing to sales, customer service to business intelligence.

The Alliance Partnership Scheme is the latest innovation to come from our SME focussed organisation. If you would be interested to find out more, register your interest here.