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You’re already using SaaS solutions…so don’t be afraid!

By Jessica Heald on Tue 23 January 2018 in SaaS

As an SME, you may feel apprehensive about the world of SaaS. But the reality is, you’re already living it first-hand...

A quick history

The take-up of SaaS has been so fast, and so comprehensive, that SaaS has a short but vast history. In previous times, companies were required to buy, build, and maintain their IT infrastructures, despite exponential costs. But now, connections are becoming so ubiquitous so quickly that many solutions have entirely skipped the disconnected model that other businesses have had to experience. Take Netflix for example – they went straight to a SaaS model, and haven’t had to play catch up. What’s even more notable is the demise of its competitor, Blockbuster.

The Benefits

Ultimately, SaaS gives companies an alternative. Now, they can plug in and subscribe to services built on shared infrastructure via the Internet. 
The SaaS model has flourished in recent years because of the many benefits it brings to businesses of all sizes and types, offering greater flexibility, reduced overall costs and availability from anywhere. Businesses want all these things. They want utility, ubiquity and efficiency – and SaaS delivers on all points in abundance. 

SaaS brands you’ll recognise

You’ll no doubt recognise some of the B2C brands in the image at the top of this blog. The point is, you’re already surrounded by businesses using SaaS models, and are consuming services from them at your convenience. Some of them you may use in your personal life, and others you may use in a work environment. So why should it be any different for the services you use as a business?

SaaS Solutions for SMEs

GE Capital’s annual Capex Barometer indicates that two thirds of SMEs already use cloud services to some degree – so the uptake is not only apparent in larger organisations.

Surely you want your whole team to be able to access the information they need all from one centralised place with ease to allow them to provide excellent customer care? Maybe you have a Sales team out in the field who need access to critical customer information to help them provide a more informed service? Or maybe you’re taking 100+ orders a day and need a SaaS solution that can manage your processes more efficiently? Whatever your requirements, to simply disregard SaaS platforms in your search will almost certainly negatively impact your business’ success.