IDNS is one of the UK's leading suppliers and integrators of ICT products.

"Not only do they know their stuff, but they're approachable and the support is genuine."

- Dave Shuttleworth, Managing Director

IDNS' Success Story

Pre-ProspectSoft Problems

Our inefficient processes were holding us back - we had computers performing different tasks, as well as lever arch files full of countless sheets of paper containing handwritten sales orders. Everything was done manually, which was very tedious and time consuming for us, and this led to human error and inefficiency problems. 

The Solution

Since implementing the CRM, Email Marketing and eCommerce, the files have gone - we have about 99% less paper than we had before from a Sales perspective. Our processes and general way of doing things have completely changed for the better - everything that was handwritten is now fully automated and integrated. The integration to our accounts was great as everything was already on there, meaning no re-keying was involved. We hadn’t ever sold online before, but now we have extended our existing business online by offering our customers the same experience as if they'd called us up to place orders. 


Our experience with ProspectSoft has been very positive from the outset. Not only do they know their stuff, but they're approachable and the support is genuine. It feels like a joint effort between us and them, and they speak in my language to help me understand the situation. I've already recommended them to three other companies and will continue to do so.

Key Benefits

  • Simple, easy to use & flexible

    The system can be adapted to suit your business specifically. We can easily diarise calls and spend our time on other higher value projects in the meantime.

  • Web solution

    It's been adapted to suit how our customers like to shop, and we’re now able to market ourselves more effectively online through this solution.

  • Support from the team

    Our Account Manager and Head of Account Management have been fantastic, as well as all the support and project delivery team. ProspectSoft have experts in different fields, meaning there is always someone who can help.

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