Introducing the all new CRM User Interface

Your new browser-based CRM.

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It's Here.

Thanks to your invaluable feedback, and lots of hard work from our development gurus, we are proud to launch your new browser based CRM.

The all new CRM User Interface is accessible on any device.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

A Brand New Web UI.

The new user interface has been rewritten to provide an intuitive and modern user experience.

From searching, to reviewing the latest notes and orders, to processing an order in to your accounts system, the interface has been re-designed to help you get your work done more efficiently than ever before.

Enhance your customer relationships

Available on any device.

Being browser based, it's perfect for those who work across multiple devices and require access from anywhere in the world.

Access key customer insights on any device, whether it's a desktop, laptop, any tablet, or mobile device.

One platform for your entire customer lifecycle.

Record all interactions

Record all interactions.

Keep track of all Sales opportunities

Keep track of all Sales opportunities.

Give a price and take an order

Give a price and take an order.

Enhance your customer relationships

Manage Aftersales.

Powerful Insights

Get insights from across your business.

Brand New Notepad & Recall Features.

Brand new layout of the Notepad, featuring status updates and email content, all in a single conversation-oriented timeline.

The new Recall window and list functionality allows you to see instantly if colleagues are over-booked with Recalls on a particular day.

Lightning-fast Quoting and Order taking.

  • With unparalleled integration, take orders out in the field and push them through to your back-office accounts package without any re-keying.

  • Build quotes using the Product File, Stock Levels and Special Pricing from your accounts package from anywhere in the world.

  • Your sales team can offer the best customer service, whilst ensuring orders are received quickly and accurately.

Get Leads Logged - quickly.

The new interface is great for those who operate out in the field. With full record creation capabilities, logging an opportunity has never been easier.

Never miss out on that all-important sales lead or key contact you met by chance.

Enhance your customer relationships
Enhance your customer relationships

Provide better customer service with Support Ticketing.

Record your clients issues as tickets and pass it through to your customer service team in real-time.

Resolve the situation as quickly as possible and turn a problem into an amazing customer experience.

BI & Analytics Integration Using OData.

Powerful Insights

Powerful Insights

Get powerful insights from your Prospect 365 data using OData, an industry standard protocol for querying data.

Connect to any compatible BI tool (Including Excel sheets, Power BI and Tableau).



Our new OData functionality opens up a world of options when it comes to reporting on, and analysing your data.

For developers, we have also opened up an OData API.

Get Started

Get Started

Try some of our Microsoft BI examples and build your own in-depth and comprehensive graphical reports.

To get started, see our Knowledge Base Article Here

When Is This Available?

  • Existing 365 Customers*

    Upgrades will be rolled out from July. As soon as you have been upgraded, you will be able to login.

  • Version 6 Customers

    ProspectSoft Version 6 customers can access these new features through a Test Drive.

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  • Not a Customer Yet?

    New customers can run a Free Trial of the new UI right now.

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*the minimum Prospect 365 version to use the new UI is 7.00.004. Upgrade Now