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Features Roundup: April 2018

By Jessica Heald on Tue 01 May 2018 in New Features

We’ve been busy releasing some great new features in Prospect 365 CRM (Web UI) for our customers and Free Trialists…

Features Roundup: March 2018

By Jessica Heald on Fri 30 March 2018 in New Features

Plenty of enhancements plus brand spanking new features released this month in the Stock-Aware CRM, Prospect 365. Take a look!

Features Roundup: February 2018

By Jessica Heald on Wed 28 February 2018 in New Features

This new version of the CRM (Web UI) includes some significant changes and updates...

Features Roundup: December 2017

By Jessica Heald on Fri 29 December 2017 in New Features

New features and releases for Q4 of 2017...

Features Roundup: June 2017

By Jessica Heald on Fri 30 June 2017 in New Features

A very exciting update this month - introducing the all new CRM User Interface. Get a rundown of some of the new features and functionality included, and how you can get using the new UI for yourself...

Features Roundup: May 2017

By Jessica Heald on Fri 26 May 2017 in New Features

Some exciting updates here at ProspectSoft this month - check out what new features were added to Prospect 365 in May!

Features Roundup: April 2017

By Jessica Heald on Fri 28 April 2017 in New Features

Take a look at our New Features in Prospect 365 for March and April 2017...

Features Roundup: February 2017

By Jessica Heald on Tue 28 February 2017 in New Features

As of January 2017, we will be publishing monthly release notes to update our customers about any significant enhancements that have been made to the Prospect 365 platform. First up, new features & releases for January & February 2017...

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