Features Roundup: April 2017

By Jessica Heald on Fri 28 April 2017 in New Features

Take a look at our New Features in Prospect 365 for March and April 2017...

CMS Editor – More responsive page load sites

Further enhancements have meant pages load more quickly and are even more responsive.

Articles Plugin Enhancements

Based on customer feedback, we’ve made some updates and enhancements to the Articles. You’re now able to expand articles on the left-hand side, allowing you to see all the text on each article.

Enhancements to Custom Admin Tables

It’s now even easier to filter and search for exactly what you want to find. This makes it much easier to manage from within the portal.

If you now look at a large admin table in the admin portal, you can more intuitively sort the information (previously, by default, it was sorted by sequence). Plus, we’ve made improvements to the usability of this – friendlier messages appear instead of errors, and our enhanced messages and hints have now been migrated to the my.prospect365 portal.

Migration Process – Readiness Wizard Improvements

Based on feedback provided by those customers who have already migrated, we’ve simplified and smoothed out the test drive and migration process. In particular, the readiness wizard report (a stage within the migration process) is more concise and even more user-friendly. This makes the migration process much easier to go through, whether you’re doing it yourself or with a member of our Customer Success Team.

If you would like take a Test Drive of Prospect 365, you can follow this link to start the process yourself. Alternatively, you can contact a member of our Customer Success Team or your Account Manager on 01494 486302.

Product Variations in Product Manager

You’re now able to configure product variations in our Product Manager with ease. For example, if you sell batteries and have a range of different battery sizes, you’re able to work on the product item from within the Product Manager to reflect this information.

What’s down the road?

Stay tuned, because next month we have a big update for you…the all new notepads! 

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