Features Roundup: December 2017

By Jessica Heald on Fri 29 December 2017 in New Features

New features and releases for Q4 of 2017...


We have been releasing new versions of the CRM thick and fast for the last couple of months, so here’s a roundup of some of the key enhancements recently deployed.
As always, we’ve taken into account your feedback and suggestions, and are pushing to get things out and live to you quicker than ever before. 

Key Update: Services Portal Released

In October, our new Services Portal was released – an exclusive platform for ProspectSoft customers. This will eventually replace the Customer Portal that many customers still use. The Services Portal will include very similar information to that of the old Customer Portal had, but will have additional features available in line with customer feedback.

The Services Portal can be accessed a
t - simply log in with the credentials you normally use to log in to the CRM.

CRM (Desktop & Web UI)

Use your Azure AD Account to authenticate Prospect 365 profile

With this update, admin users can configure an Azure AD account to be the authentication method for a Prospect 365 profile. Customers running Office 365 will already have an Azure AD account set up, however any customer with an on-premise Active Directory domain can connect it up to Azure AD.

Customers not wishing to use the Microsoft Single Sign-On are still able to use the Prospect 365 standard email and password combination.  

CRM (Desktop UI)

  • The Contracts module is now supported.
  • Ability to add contacts to a Campaign Activity from a report (filters automatically applied).
  • Ability to set basic filters for campaign activity from new Web UI popup.

CRM (Web UI only)


Create your own Reports
Every user in the CRM should be able to write their own reports and save them for later. Backed up by the OData API, users have an easy and guided experience allowing even the most basic user to find and filter the records they want.  The first version allows users to choose what type of record they want to see, then select the columns that should be displayed on the report. The user interface will display a list of all available columns and provide information on what each means to assist the user making their decisions. Once the columns have been selected, the user will be able to apply filters to the report, and by default, it will have a few ready to use such as "Status Flag" checks and "Last Updated", making it easier to get going. 
Other Web UI Reports Updates
  • Sorting of columns in reports is now remembered once you click ‘save’.
  • User can now drag and drop columns in reports, to re-order them. This allows you to personalise the interface to suit you and your daily needs. Simply click ‘save’ to ensure these are remembered for next time.
  • New reports will get created without the need to save them, saving you time.
  • New reports will get saved to either “My Reports” or “Shared Reports” depending on whether you make them public or not. This means you can keep reports to yourself, or share with the rest of the team if it’s to be used on a more regular basis.
  • The new Sidebar on the left allows users to quickly navigate to and access reports from specific areas e.g. Marketing or Sales reports. 

Documents & Email

Enhanced Email Editor

Enhancing the built-in email editor within the CRM means users are now able to attach files. A user can browse for external files, or drag and drop them in. Users are now able to be more flexible in the way they create or attach documents. You can now attach existing documents under the current record, or generate new documents based on templates and attach them automatically. With new and existing documents, the user can choose whether to PDF the file first before attaching if using specific document types such as Microsoft Word.

  • Emails can now be sent to CC and BCC email addresses and are also saved against the email document record, meaning you always have a copy of the correspondence at your fingertips.
  • Campaign Searches have been added.
  • Sending of email with attachments (including the attachment of new template documents and existing saved documents).
BCC yourself in emails

You now have the ability to BCC yourself in when sending an email. We’ve planned in for a future update to get this choice remembered, so that you don’t have to click it each time.

Excel standard documents supported

The CRM now supports Excel standard document templates, allowing for the usual search and replace fields. Users can open and edit Excel documents from the CRM in their desktop Excel application. There will be a separate update in the near future allowing for editing of documents in Word/Excel online editors.

Conditional Selection / Conditional Search & Replace

With this update, users can highlight sections of a document to be removed based on a user defined query. This allows for a single large document template to be created and then customised based on what has been selected on the record.  For example, if a user was able to specify the list of possible risks against a lead record, when creating the document, only the associated risks will be kept, and the non-relevant risks will be removed.

If this is something you’d like to look into getting set up, please contact our Customer Services team on 0330 0880 365, or speak to your Account Manager. 

Generating Word & Excel Documents

Users can now generate both Word and Excel documents with ease straight from the CRM.


Add contacts from a Report to a Campaign Activity

With this update, users can add contacts to marketing activities by running a report and clicking a button. The filtering happens automatically in the background such as excluding contacts without an email address; although these are options on the activity record.

Once the list of target contacts has been finalised a user can initiate an email marketing activity directly from the CRM, and see the current status on the activity record.

The setup and configuring of the integration remains the same, and is still compatible with the desktop app.


  • Quote UI has been updated to allow sending of email documents.
  • Quote now performs full text search when looking for products.
  • Users are now able to auto create quotes based on system option – please speak to our Customer Services team or your Account Manager for more information on this update.

General Additions

Additional Addresses

With this update, users can set a different address on a Lead or Problem record to highlight where the opportunity or problem occurs. By default, the address is defaulted to the address on the parent division record.

Configure drop-down lists

With this update, Administrators can configure the drop-down lists throughout the CRM such as Company Types and Division Turnover. Rather than going to a list of admin tables, the user can click the "Configure" link at the bottom of the relevant drop-down to update it quickly.

Be notified of email duplicates

A new contact window will notify you if the email address is a duplicate, helping you keep your data as accurate and clean as possible. 

Improved Firefox support

Our support of the Firefox browser has improved. 

Improved UX in Mobile Devices

While the CRM is primarily responsive, there are a few tweaks that have been made to improve the experience when accessed via a tablet or mobile. This update tackles the bigger items and there will be a separate update down the line for further refinement and improved user experience.

Please note that we’re continually working on browser support & UI on mobile devices, and will update you in upcoming releases.

Postcode Lookup

Postcode Anywhere Integration allows users to search for a postcode when adding or updating an address, making the process much quicker and data entry more precise. 

Other Updates
  • Improved speed of searching for products as well as adding lines to quotes.
  • Task list now includes quarantined records.

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