Features Roundup: February 2018

By Jessica Heald on Wed 28 February 2018 in New Features

This new version of the CRM (Web UI) includes some significant changes and updates...

Improved Searching

You can now see your search results in a full screen view, allowing you to easily and quickly select your chosen record. Results are now returned much faster, and you can click “show more” multiple times to load more records that meet your search query.   



Recent Activity

The Recent Activity list now has a drop-down function so that you can expand out or limit the number of records shown.


B2B & B2C Record Creation

Users can now create, view and update B2B (business contact) and B2C (individual) records in the CRM.



Ability to Configure Relationships

Whether you're on a Contact, Division, Lead or Problem, you can now set up a relationship from one record to another. Simply go to the Related tab on the left-hand side on the record, and click the plus icon to configure one quickly and easily.



Improved Usability of the Report Builder

This now offers key entities used most often by default, like Company, Division, Contact etc., rather than displaying every single option in a long list.


Favourite Filters on Reports

To make it easier for users to navigate to their most used filter on Reports, you can now favourite them by pinning them on the filter panel using the heart icon. 


Bulk Actions

You're now able to bulk change the parent on records. This comes in handy if someone has left the company, and you want to move the Leads that were under their record to another Contact. This will also be useful if a company in your CRM is bought out by or merges with another company, and you may, as a result, need to change all the Divisions to sit under the new company. 

Export Lists  Reports to Excel

Users can now easily export list and report data to Excel. 



Manage Lead & Problem Statuses

Users now have the ability to manage Lead and Problem statuses via the configuration list. Please note: this feature is only available for Admin users - feel free to check out our article on user setting permissions and how to check which ones you have by following this link.


Image Previews for Documents

When creating a document, the document creation window shows users a preview image for Word and Excel files. This allows users to get a quick snapshot of the file without needing to necessarily open it in full.


Set of Standard Reports

We've now set up some standard "out of the box" reports in each group (People & Places, Sales, Marketing etc.) to help you get going straight away.


Latest Notes

You now have the ability to make latest notes appear at the top of the Activity list. To do this, simply go to the Activity on a Contact record, and click the cog icon in the top right-hand corner. You can then switch this on or off using the toggle.



Ability to Flag Notes

Users may wish to flag notes as "key notes" if the note is particularly critical or important to the Activity thread. This may be useful for those who wish to highlight key notes of interest to the rest of the team, allowing them to pick up on the key information more quickly. Simply go to the note and click the star on the right-hand side to flag it as important. 


Search & Tag Filtering on Notes, Lists and Reports

When on a Contact record in the Activity section, you can search for a particular note using the magnifying glass. The icon on the left of the magnifying glass also allows users to 'show key items only'. By selecting this, only notes which have been flagged as "key notes" with a yellow star by users will show in the list. Another new feature which has been added in the notes in the notes is the ability to tag specific notes so you can search for the tag at a later date. For example, you might post a note and add a tag e.g. 'important' or 'Michelle' or 'read this'. Once tagged, users can then search for the specfic tag in the Activity list.



Support for document template extractions on v6

If you're migrating from version 6 CRM to Prospect 365, please contact your Account Manager or our Customer Success Team, and we will get these triggered for you.




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