Features Roundup: March 2018

By Jessica Heald on Fri 30 March 2018 in New Features

Plenty of enhancements plus brand spanking new features released this month in the Stock-Aware CRM, Prospect 365. Take a look!

Template Quotes

Users can now create a Quote and mark it as a template. This means users can then easily and quickly create another Quote based on the template. This functionality is ideal for users who are creating quotes on a regular basis, and normally use the same framework/base of the Quote each time with little variation.  

Quote Enhancements

We’ve significantly enhanced the Quoting functionality in more ways than one this month! Some key features that we’ve improved include:

  • Faster adding of lines
  • Ability to filter with search term
  • Ability to use standard report filter options
  • Ability to changes line sequence using drag and drop
  • Choose fields and re-order items in the quote line list
  • Improved totals - Quote totals show net, tax value and gross value

Email address recommendations

The CRM will now provide suggestions of email addresses for contacts under the same Division, as well as users in the CRM, saving you time and helping you prevent making mistakes when manually inputting emails.

Email signatures

You can now set up various email signatures and specify a default for individual users or the company as a whole. This is a great feature to make use of, particularly if you want to promote your social media or an event you’re running to your prospective clients, but maybe something different to your existing customer base like a new product launch. This is an excellent feature to help customers implement brand consistency company-wide. Please note that setting email signatures up on either an individual or company basis is something only an Admin user can configure. Check out our article here if you’re unsure about how to change CRM user permissions. 

On Stop/Over Credit Limit Warnings on Quotes

When you’re about to confirm an order, the CRM will let you know if the account is on stop or over their credit limit before you proceed.

Support for Word Quote Tables

We’ve improved the functionality of creating new Quote tables in Word, making it easier to edit your template when sending it out to customers. Users can now specify a Word style, allowing you to be more in control of the styling. Users can also choose fields and columns for the Quote table content. If you'd like any assistance with getting going with this, please feel free to call our Customer Services Team on 0330 0880 365 and we'll get you set up!

Campaign Activity Role Filters

Users who were previously tied to the desktop CRM will no longer need to use this because of this feature, as its now available in the CRM (Web UI)! Users can now use the filtering options when building Campaign Activities, specifying things like only send this email to x number of people at this Division. Users can also configure role filters, meaning that you can specify by job role which people will receive the email campaign.

Specify Multiple Sales Ledgers for a Division 

You now have the ability to specify multiple sales ledgers for a Division. The drop-down functionality allows you to select numerous ledgers per Division, and specify a default ledger too. 

What’s down the road?

We already have a few things in the development pipeline which will be released very soon...and we couldn’t wait to share!

  • Layout Editing
  • Bulk Updates
  • Quote Analysis (margin, markup etc.)
  • Enhanced lead process management & visibility

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