Features Roundup: April 2018

By Jessica Heald on Tue 01 May 2018 in New Features

We’ve been busy releasing some great new features in Prospect 365 CRM (Web UI) for our customers and Free Trialists…

Quote Analysis

Users now have access to more in-depth analysis on Quotes, including things like Margin, Mark-up and Tax Breakdown. The Customiser allows you to change them to what you want if you’d prefer to show other analysis on your Quotes. 

Bulk Updates

The new Bulk Updates feature can be used in various scenarios. Please note: in order to use this feature, it requires new the “Bulk Update” permission being turned on, or CRM Administrator permissions to be configured for you to do this. If you’re unsure on how to set Administrator permissions up, check out our short article here on how to amend these.


Screen Customiser

An exciting new feature has been released this month! Introducing the Screen Customiser, where users are now able to customise the layout of their CRM. Please note: you’ll need CRM Administrator permissions in order to use this feature. 


OData Integration Support

OData is now ready and configured for being used for next generation accounts integration.

Separate OData service for larger batch requests

This avoids impact of performance on main critical services, and overall improves reliability and scalability.

Date filters in Reports

Users are now able to filter Reports by date e.g. Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, Last Month, This Month etc.  

What’s down the road?

Our Development team are already beavering away on getting some great new functionality released in May. Here’s a taster of what you can expect!
  • Lead/quote mashup – A mix between Leads & Quotes to give you the best of both worlds.
  • Integration with Unleashed – A public preview of our new integration with Warehouse Management system, Unleashed, will be available in May, with more features down the line.

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