Features Roundup: May 2018

By Jessica Heald on Thu 31 May 2018 in New Features

Check out what our Development team have been beavering away at since last month’s release!

Enhanced Document Creation/Management

When users create a Document in the CRM, they will now be presented with a new, larger window, which displays various options as to how you’d like to save the files in. For example, you can now browse for the desired file using the File Browser. Alternatively, you could link to an external URL like a SharePoint, OneDrive or Dropbox document, where you can use your own domain restrictions to give specific users access. Other options include sending an email directly from this window, or drag and drop documents onto the record.

Take Photos on Handheld Device & Save as Document

Working out in the field? Need to quickly take a photo of something and add it to the customer’s record in the CRM? It’s quick and simple to take a photo on your mobile/tablet device, and upload it straight to a record in the CRM, meaning you can update the progress of a Lead or Problem in real-time without the hassle of switching between mobile and your PC! This is a great feature for those of you that want to take photos on site with a customer which automatically save against the customer’s record. 

Mobile Number Visible from Contact Records

Contact mobile numbers are now visible and updateable from the main Contact Record page. This is ideal if your employees are out in the field and want to be able to configure other additional phone numbers with ease.

Improved Sales Transaction Reporting

If you’re using the Report Builder to create your reports, you can now create reports based on sales transactions. At the Division level, you can see key values on At a Glance, as well on the At a Glance on the Sales Ledger to see a comparison between this year and last year. You may have a list of Divisions linked to a particular Sales Ledger, so with the transactions you can do some filtering on it. The analysis breaks down information like invoices and credited values by year and month.

Tile Mode for Reports

Where you currently have figures displayed in the CRM e.g. sum, average, count etc., you can now pick one that you use on a regular basis to display it as an individual tile. You can then drill down into this by clicking on the tile and it will bring up the report to configure it. Additionally, the new KPI component shows users key information, for example, one value compared to another. 

Improved UX on Report Filtering

Making the Report Builder even more intuitive has been a key focus this month. If you have a long list of results on Report results page and want to go to the second page of the report results, it will automatically go back to the top of the page to ensure you don’t miss anything. 

In terms of the filtering options on a Report, we have now added the majority of scenarios for your date filtering requirements, giving you more flexibility in your reporting. For example, users can now use relative dates, as well as set fixed dates. Past, current and future filters have now been added too. 

If you use a particular filter on a Report regularly, and want your CRM to remember this filter for next time, you can favourite the filter which will keep it there indefinitely by clicking the heart icon. We’ve also moved the “More Filters” button from the bottom of the Filters section to the top, and made it blue to make it even clearer to locate and use.

Weighted Average, Worst, Likely and Best figures on Leads

When you create a Lead, you’re able to select a size and margin. Up until now if you wanted to do sales forecasting, it would only take the quoted value. But in instances where you haven't quoted, it will now use our new associated average value feature, enabling users to still do sales forecasting using both the size and margin. From this, it'll give you 3 scenarios based on what you've already sold and the Guttometer prediction; Worst, Best and Likely. The worst scenario is based on the estimated close date. Best is 25% or more and Likely is 50% or more. An upcoming enhancement to this feature is that when you close the Lead off the Guttometer will automatically go to 100%.

More Standard Reports Added

We’ve added several new standard Reports into the CRM which you can use straight away for free! These great headline stat reports include “Increasing Revenue” (which looks at the last 365 days vs. the previous 365 days), “Decreasing Revenue”, “New & Returning Customers”, “Sales Pipeline (This Month)”, “Sales Pipeline (Next Month)” and “Customers not ordered in a year”. 

KPIs & Reporting

We’ve added plenty of new features this month when it comes to KPIs and Reporting in the CRM. At the Division level, the At a Glance feature has been added, enabling users to quickly and easily see how much a particular customer been invoiced, year on year comparisons, number of active outstanding Problems vs. total number of Problems, number of active Leads that are being worked on, as well as the number of active Contacts at the Division. Ideal for those who are just about to see a customer and want the headline stats there and then! 


Difference Components using Colour Coding

The new Difference components highlight whether a numerical figure has increased (green), decreased (red) or stayed the same (black). This allows users of the CRM to scan a record and quickly grasp important financial information.

Overhaul of Leads, Quotes & Sales Orders

This is a highly requested feature from our customers! Here’s a quick reminder of what each one means:
1. Leads (or Opportunities) – Leads are non-specific, and typically have longer timescales with little or rough prices and costings. When working on a Lead, a lot of the time it’ll involve some guess work and your gut feeling. For example, you might not even know what the price is going to be yet!
2. Quotation – With a Quote, you’ll normally be talking about specific products and have pretty fixed timescales with exact prices and costings. When creating a Quote, you’ll be able to progress it into accounts on receiving the PO, and it’s for the customer to review and agree.
3. Sales Order – A Sales Order is again about specific products, but it’s even more instant – the customer already knows what they want and knows how much it will cost them. There isn’t any negotiation on the price, and the customers already approved it so it’ll progress automatically into accounts. 

 To accommodate for the above, we now have 4 ways in which you can create your ideal outcome:

1. Leads Anywhere – This is a Lead as we’ve always known it. You can create a Lead from anywhere in the CRM exactly as before, and can still set a size, margin and Guttometer rating, as well as access the status/pipeline of the Lead and update the notes using the Notepad.
2. Basic Quote under Lead/Problem – This is a Quote as we’ve always known it. If you try to create a Quote under a Lead or Problem, it’d being managed as part of the Lead/Problem. No pipeline or Notepad, but you can manage the notes on the parent record. 
3. Quote under Division/Contact – Introducing our all new combined Lead & Quote. You will have the same ID for both the Lead & the Quote, so no matter which one you choose to open, it will open in one single window. Get all the Quoting capabilities but also have the ability to add notes in the Notepad and manage the pipeline status of Quote, Awaiting PO, Ordered/Cancelled (but these can be customised by you to whatever you like!). This will appear in both Lead and Quote Reports. You no longer have the ‘Confirm Order’ button but have the Lead statuses instead (remember you don’t have to use every single status in order and it doesn’t need to be in the final order status in order to be confirmed. Not only that, but you have the capability of cancelling outstanding orders so they don’t appear in your reports.


4. Sales Order Anywhere – Another new feature available in the CRM is creating a Sales Order. As mentioned earlier, for a Sales Order you only need a Quote, not a Lead. On this view, there is no pipeline or Notepad, making the window more simplified. This will only be visible in Quote Reports. With the new Sales Order option, there are effectively three statuses that you are prompted with before you close the record; 1. Save it as a “Draft Sales Order” status, meaning you can keep it for later and continue with it later. 2. You can use the “Confirm” button which will allow you to confirm the order directly into accounts there and then. 3. You can “Discard” the order which will cancel it and not save it anywhere. Please note: you are still presented with the same warning signs before you confirm the quote. 



What's down the road?

We’ve always got something exciting in the development pipeline which is soon to be released…
  • Unleashed Integration – this is now in its final stages of development.
  • Product restrictions – Some of our customers have product ranges which are restricted to particular customers of theirs, or need some level of authorisation before they can be sold. This will be able to be configured by creating ranges, and associating specific products to each range. Users will then be able to say which ranges their customers can see and when they can buy them until if there is a time limit required. If you are interested in learning more about this feature, please get in touch with your Account Manager.
  •  Data Sets – This is a way of grouping records together e.g. geographic. This feature will allow users to create a Report and specify Filters e.g. postcodes in x region, then save this as a data set. From there, users will be able to create a Lead Report and get the Report to only show Leads in a particular data set. Additionally, we’re looking to include data sets as a common filter in the Filters list.
  •  Word/Excel Add-In – Ability to configure document templates.

...and there's more to come!

  • Integration framework
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Stripe Payments
  • CSV importing on quote lines
  • Restricted record by Account Manager etc. 
  • Service Contracts
  • Contracts Module (contracts/contracts schedule)

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