Features Roundup: June 2018

By Jessica Heald on Fri 29 June 2018 in New Features

New features & functionality for June explained inside!

Split Quote lines by date

If you take orders in advance of stock being available, this will allow you to more accurately see what’s available and when. This feature will even create a delivery schedule for you, so you can more accurately manage back orders/call off orders. 

Advanced Relationships

Ability to use the advanced relationships on inventory records enabling you to relate to other records within the CRM.

Open Records in Full Screen

The new ‘open in full screen’ button is ideal if you’re working on a record, for example a Quote or project requirements, where you may need a little more working space. Just click the expand icon to use this feature.

Data Sets

Data sets are effectively filters on a Report which you save and use from the drop-down list. Users can configure data sets independently for their desired requirements. For example, you may wish to have a data set for the north sales region managed by a specific Account Manager or Sales person. 

Save to Web on Quotes

This functionality allows users to save Quotes created in the CRM to your eCommerce site/customer portal, allowing the customer to view the Quote details and “checkout” their order. This will then confirm the order in the CRM, giving the customer the ability to manage their orders at their convenience whilst removing this repetitive task from your Sales team. Template Quotes can be created and saved online for the customers to complete more regular orders such as repeat stock orders.

Updates to Available Stock

On products, users will now see key information including the quantity available and the date when the next shipment is due. This gives you up to date stock information, allowing you to manage customer expectations more efficiently. For example, if a customer orders x1000 items, and x500 are in stock now with a delivery due in 2 weeks for the remaining items to be shipped.  

Manage quarantined records in the CRM

The ability to manage customer records that have been created in the CRM from website registrants. 

What's down the road?

  • Improved searching speed
  • Product range restrictions
  • Data sets
  • Customisation by dictionary 
  • Dashboard customisation capability
  • Pack sales
  • Improved Quote table formatting 
  • Bulk updating of Quote lines
  • Support for sales history contracts module (Service Contracts)
  • Importing quote lines from CSV
  • Add products to a quote using CSV, TSV and Excel
  • Pack selling including validation and minimum sell quantities

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