Features Roundup: August 2018

By Jessica Heald on Fri 31 August 2018 in New Features

Check out this month’s new features that have been released in our Stock-Aware CRM!

Order Confirmation Window 

When confirming an Order in the CRM, users are able to amend the delivery address and delivery charge in a pop-up window. 

Auto-populated Delivery Address

When on a Quote record, the delivery address will now auto-populate based on the default set in the system options (which will most likely be the Division address).

Delivery Charges Added

Delivery charges will be calculated for orders based on specific criteria such as location, weight etc. 

Delivery Charges on Quotes

Users can now manually enter a value into the delivery charge field on a Quote which will add it to the Quote value. This will allow for manual delivery charges to be entered for different cases such as if a billing address differs to the delivery address.

Copy & Paste Quote Lines

Users are now able to copy and paste Quote lines for speed and convenience. 

Campaign Activity Splitter

Marketing users can now split a group of target contacts in a Campaign Activity between a number of new "smaller" Campaign Activities which contain the same information as the initial one. Users have the ability to choose the number of new Campaign Activities to split into or split by number of contacts per Campaign Activity. This is ideal for telemarketing/customer calling activities, as the list can be evenly split out into more Activities that are randomised. Simply navigate to the Campaign Activity you wish to split and go to the three dots on the top right-hand corner.

Pinned & Important Notes & Documents

Users are now able to pin Notes or mark them as Important in the Activity section of a record. This feature is also available on Documents, Problem and Lead records, enabling users to see which Documents are of particular importance or need to be seen quickly when accessing the record. 

Enhanced Xero Support

We have improved the level of support for Xero sales ledger IDs. Instead of displaying the IDs, the more user-friendly names are now visible too. 

Handling of Factor Quantities & Pack Products

There are 3 main ways of selling quantities of products that we now support:

  • Whole Quantities: Where you sell a number of whole things e.g. tables, pencils etc.
  • Decimal Quantities: Where you sell lengths of something, like wire or anything else that can be split into a decimal representation e.g. 1.3 metres of tape
  • Factored Quantities: Where you can sell full packs of products and/or also split packs of products and sell them in individual units e.g. bottles of wine. If you had 12 bottles to a box, you don’t want your customers to have to work out that they need 4 boxes of wine to get 48 bottles. Instead, you may just sell 4 whole boxes (4/0). Equally someone could buy 1 (0/1) or 2 (0/2) bottles, or even 11 bottles (0/11) or 50 bottles (4/2).  In each case the system stores the actual number of units sold but displays to the user as number of whole units/number of parts.

Dashboard Tiles

Tiles have now been added to the dashboard (highlighted in red in the screenshot below), enabling users to instantly see key stats. By clicking on one of the tiles, users will be able to drill down into that particular Report to see further details. Users will see standard tiles for now as shown in the screenshot, but will have the ability to configure their own in the future. 

Xero Integration

Users are able to set up Xero integration independently using the Admin Portal.

Consolidate Associated Notes

Users now have the ability to see a consolidated view of Notes, Divisions and Contacts. Press the cog icon on the Activity Feed/Notes area and toggle on 'Consolidate associated notes' to show notes that are not directly associated with the record you're on. For example, if you were on a Division record, toggling this on (green) would show you notes that are stored on other records e.g. notes on the Leads, Problem, Contact etc.   

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