Features Roundup: October 2018

By ProspectSoft on Mon 26 November 2018 in New Features

This month, our development team have been working on some tweaks and updates in Prospect 365...

Hide Fields by Dictionary

Prospect 365 now has the functionality available to hide fields by dictionary. For example, this could be useful for managers/directors who may wish to hide cost prices or margins that they’d prefer some team members not to see. If you’d like to set this up, just give a member of the Customer Success team a call so they can configure it in the database.

Updates to Stock Visibility in CRM

1. Available stock by warehouse – If you have more than one warehouse, you may find that your main warehouse might not have the right products in stock. With Prospect 365, you can easily switch the order to come from your secondary warehouse instead if you know that this warehouse has the right quantity of products available. 


View pre-season stock calculations – This feature enables you to see a prediction of how much stock your business thinks it will need to set aside for the future. This is your available stock figure calculated taking into account any quotes marked as ‘pre-season estimate’. Essentially, it counters in the fact that someone has provisionally ordered this, and so won’t sell the ‘free stock’ you have.

Improved Sales Analysis on Products

When viewing a Product record, you now have the Sales Analysis page on the left-hand side which shows you who your ‘Top Buyers’ are, as well as a ‘Buying Pattern’ report. The ‘Top Buyers’ Report shows you the value and quantity they’ve ordered in the last year, and how many orders they’ve placed in that time period. For the ‘Buying Pattern’, you can see which year and month they ordered in. This is useful to see when your peak months are, and also presents an opportunity to increase sales in months which have been identified as quieter sales months.

Sales Analysis on Divisions

When on a Division record, navigate to the Sales Analysis page on the left-hand side to see a Monthly Breakdown and Top Products section. 

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