Features Roundup: March & April 2019

By ProspectSoft on Fri 29 March 2019 in New Features

See what our Development team have released in the Prospect solution the month of March!

CRM Sales Ledger Creation

The CRM integrates with multiple accounting systems. The link between the CRM and the accounting system is the Sales Ledger which is stored on a Division record. Our article here and our video will show you how to create a Sales Ledger from the CRM using the information stored on the Division record. 

CRM Product Creation

CRM Product Creation allows users to create products that do not already exist within the accounting system. This is particularly useful if you have a large catalogue of products and they're not all setup within your accounting system. In addition, if you sell customisable products then this would also be useful to your business. To find out how to create products in the accounting system at the point of order confirmation, take a look at our guide or video

Displaying of Dates

Users now have the ability to choose how dates should be displayed. By default, the CRM displays dates in a relative format (e.g. 3 hours ago, in 2 days etc.). With this format, you can hover over the field to see the specific date and time. Some users however prefer just to see the actual date (e.g. 28 March 2019). When using “Actual Dates” the CRM will display the dates as per your browser language settings. To change your user settings for the displaying of dates, follow our short guide here

Recall Limits

Users can now set their recall limit from within the CRM. By default, the CRM will not limit the number of active recalls for you, but if you'd like you can set a limit in the Recall Settings (under the Settings page) within the ‘About Me’ section.

If you've set a recall limit, then you can also customise what happens when that limit is reached by ensuring ‘Prompt’ is selected in the Recall Limit Action section in the Recall Settings. To set this up yourself, check out our step-by-step article here or watch our video here!

Send Emails from Own Domain

Emails can now be sent from the user’s email domain (e.g. as opposed to the default setting of To configure this, follow these steps!

Reminder: The Ideas Portal

The Ideas Portal is designed to help our Development team prioritise some of the top voted ideas which are in line with our strategic business objectives. Members of the ProspectSoft team log their suggestions of things that they feel should be added to the Prospect solution, but the Ideas Portal is also accessible by our customers and is designed for you! So, please do log ideas if you have any (and see if any of your ideas are already logged). The more public comments you add to existing ideas, the better! Starting a discussion on an idea can draw our Development team to it even more! You can also see which ideas in the portal are trending/popular and up-vote these too! We have a short article about how to use the Ideas Portal here which you can take a look at. 

Visit the Ideas Portal via this link and get logging and voting!

Notice: My Portal Retired

The My Portal ( has now been retired. All functionality and features that were available in the My Portal are still available from within the CRM. 

More from March!

  • Support for description only on Quotes
  • Updated metadata to support Zapier integration 

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