Features Roundup: May 2019

By ProspectSoft on Fri 31 May 2019 in New Features

Find out what's been released in May by our dev team!

Quote Grouping

Quote Grouping allows you to group Quote lines together in both the CRM and Quote document templates. Read our article here to see how to do this.

Defaults for Pagination

By default, the CRM will show 10 records per page, but you can now change this user preference via the About Me section! Check out how to change this preference here.

Create Standard Custom Fields

Custom Fields within the CRM allow you to fully customise your Prospect CRM to reflect your business' processes. You can create Custom Fields at each level of the hierarchy and each level has 30 standard Custom Fields available. Find out which fields you can choose from and how to set them up in our article here

Resequencing for Upsell Manager Products

Within the CRM we have an Upsell Manager, making it easier for your Sales team to add additional Products to a customer's order. The Upsell Managers allows you to create links between multiple Products that should or can be sold together. If an Upsell link has been configured, when the Product is added the user will be prompted to see if the customer would also like the linked Products. Once an Upsell product has been added to the Quote record, they will appear grouped on the Quote lines. However, we understand that in some cases you may need to resequence this list of Upsell products. Find out how to easily resequence your list using our help article here.

Coming Soon

  • Preference Centres - Ideal for our Email Marketing customers! More info to follow soon so watch this space!

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