Features Roundup: June 2019

By ProspectSoft on Tue 02 July 2019 in New Features

Find out what's available now in Prospect CRM in our June releases!

Exchange Rates for Unleashed & Xero

We now use a third-party service to automatically update the exchange rates, as Xero and Unleashed do not currently provide them. This means that if you sell internationally then you can be confident that you're now showing the right prices to the right people.

Additional Contacts Imported from Xero

As of June, we now import additional contacts from Xero into the CRM instead of only importing the default contact.

Order Confirmation Feedback

At the point of order confirmation on a Quote record, if the order fails to be created, we now provide an error message and reasons why the order has failed to save users time and help them quickly resolve any issues. For example, a common reason for order failure can be that the account doesn't exist within the accounting system, so this error message and reason will now display.

Configuring Account Manager Restrictions

Within the CRM you can now set Account Manager Restrictions, which means the CRM user can only access customer records of which they are set as the Account Manager. Take a look at our short how-to article here to see how to set up these restrictions within your own Prospect CRM system.

Accessing Customer Accounts within Cloud Accounting & Inventory Management Systems

We have now included a link to the customer's account within your cloud accounting/inventory management system for easier and quicker access to the record. Please note that this functionality is currently only available for the cloud accounting/inventory management systems that we integrate with such as Unleashed and Xero. To find out how to use this, check out our doc here.

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