Features Roundup: July 2019

By ProspectSoft on Thu 01 August 2019 in New Features

See what's been released in the month of July right here!

Save to CRM Add-in

Our Save to CRM add-in enables you quickly and easily save emails from your Outlook directly into the CRM. Here’s how to install the add-in if you’ve not yet got this. Once you’re up and running, have a quick read of our doc here on how to use it within your Outlook, and be sure to check out our short article here our our short video here on how to categorise saved emails using the add-in – a great way to help you identify which emails have been saved in (we also have a short video here on this!). 

Configure Word Quote Tables

CRM Admin users now have the option to choose if they would like to show the Extended Description on a separate row or to merge the Extended Description with the product description. See how to configure this here!

Status Colour Codes

Pipelines in a neutral or negative status now have their current status highlighted in grey, making it easier to identify records in a positive state such as a Sold or Won Lead.

Lead Pipeline Status Text Re-ordered

We have now re-ordered the Lead pipeline status text when a Lead is closed, so that the current status appears before the previous one. For example, a Lead that moved from a status of 'Dead' to 'Push for Close' would be displayed as 'Dead (Push for Close).’

Status Badges Updated

We have updated the status badges for Leads, Quotes and Problems to improve consistency. Positive states will now appear in green, active states in amber and negative or neutral states in grey.

Support for en-US Language & Dates

The CRM has now got added support for en-US language and date formats for our American customers. 

Quote Date & Ordered Date Reporting

Quote Date and Ordered Date have now been made available within the Report Builder, so users can now report and filter using these fields.

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