Features Roundup: August 2019

By ProspectSoft on Mon 02 September 2019 in New Features

Our Stock-Aware CRM is full of exciting features to help you grow your stock business. See what we've been working on here...

Open in Accounting System Links for Xero & Unleashed

Within the CRM you can access a customer's account/record within the integrated cloud accounting/ERP system. If for any reason a user needs to view the customer account within the accounting/ERP system, then this functionality provides seamless integration. Please note that this functionality is currently only available for the cloud accounting/inventory management systems that we integrate with such as Unleashed and Xero. Learn more about this feature right here.

Export Configure Lists to Excel

Prospect CRM users may find it useful to export configure lists to Excel when maintaining and administering the CRM. For example, you may need to export a list of your current Lead Statuses to Excel for administration purposes. Please note, only users with CRM Admin permissions will be able to access the configure options. Read our short help doc here on how to use this new feature now!

Datasets on Grouped Reports

Grouped Reports can now have datasets applied to them. Datasets are effectively multiple filters that you would frequently apply to your CRM reports. Therefore, rather than applying these multiple filters each time you create or view a Report, you can just simply apply a saved dataset instead. In our article here, we use the example of a sales region which includes a particular group of sales persons, which would need to be applied to all Sales Reports. Another advantage of datasets is that if you need to change the filters, such as adding a new sales person, then you only have to change it in one place. 

Added “Is Empty” & “Is Not Empty” to Report Filters

We’ve now added "Is Empty" & "Is Not Empty" to the Report filters. This is particularly helpful when performing data cleansing activities. For example, you may wish to obtain a list of all contacts that do not have an email address, which you could now achieve by using the "Is Empty" filter.

Opt-In Flag on Contact Filtering

The “Opt-In” flag is now available for Campaign Activity Contact filtering, which is particularly helpful when adhering to GDPR. For more information on creating Campaign Activities and adding target contacts, click here

Quick Create for Email Templates

The Quick Create feature can now be used for email templates. This allows users to quickly generate a new Word document or email using your document templates within the CRM. Quick Create should be configured for document templates that are regularly used such as your Quote document template. For more info on how to use Quick Create for your email templates, visit our doc here

Configure Problem Type Analysis Matrix

Users can now configure their own Problem Type Analysis Matrix. Problem Types and Analysis provide a way to categorise your customer service tickets and improve your reporting. You can also set a default pipeline for each Problem Type. For example, the process to replace a product damaged on delivery could be quite different to sending an engineer to fix a vending machine at a customer’s office. Why not visit our help doc here which outlines how you can use the new feature to its full potential for your stock business? 

Show More on Recalls

A handy button has now been added to the Recall list to load a report displaying all of your Recalls set within the CRM for your user.

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