Features Roundup: October 2019

By ProspectSoft on Tue 08 October 2019 in New Features

Some highly requested features in our recent release!

Description Only Lines Added via CSV Import

When quoting in the CRM, you will generally be selling existing products. However, there are scenarios where you may want to include memo lines or Quote for a custom product that does not exist. Rather than creating a new product record for each custom item, you may wish to just describe it when quoting and only then create the product if the customer progresses to an order. You can now add these description only lines via a CSV import when adding products to your Quote record. For more information about using the CSV product import, visit our article here.

Product Suggestions

When adding products to your Quote record, Prospect CRM now suggests the most popular products for the customer, or the most popular globally if the customer has no sales history. The multi-line order entry window has also been updated to offer “Popular” products using the same logic as the suggestions.

Configure Urgent Notes

Urgent notes allow users or administrator users to set urgent and important notes on a CRM record. By setting a note as 'Urgent', the note automatically appears as either a banner on the CRM record or as a pop-up when the record is opened. To start setting urgent notes, you will first need to enable this configuration option – check out how to do this here. Once you’ve set this up, we’ve got a helpful video and article here on how to set them up!

Added ‘View Source’ button to Email Editor

We’ve now added a 'View Source' button to the email editor allowing you to view the HTML of your email. This is particularly helpful if you feel confident in using HTML to design your email templates.

Create Appointments

Setting up virtual and on-site meetings is part of our working lives and can occur regularly during your sales process. You can now create appointments straight from the CRM, inviting both customers and other members of staff. Watch our short video or read our article here on how you can create appointments!

Highly Requested Feature: Next & Previous Buttons Added

A highly requested feature on our Ideas Portal has been shipped in September – thank you for your feedback! You can now use the Next Record and Previous Record buttons to quickly review your data e.g. when analysing records from a Report or when looking at a specific business' CRM record. Check out how to use these here in our article and video here!

Nearby Division Search

When working as an Account Manager or within a Customer Services Team, you may find yourself out on the road visiting customers often. To help you make the most of your days out on the road, we have the Nearby Division Search. This searching functionality allows you to find other Divisions that are nearby to the customer's postcode. Check out how to use it here!

Share CRM Records

To help you efficiently share information across the business, you can now share CRM records with other CRM users. Sharing a CRM record is different to recalling a CRM record, as sharing allows you to send a message along with a link to that CRM record to another user, whereas recalls allows you to send a task to another CRM user and will appear on their To Do list – find out more about how to use this here

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