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Features Roundup: February 2017

By Jessica Heald on Tue 28 February 2017 in New Features

As of January 2017, we will be publishing monthly release notes to update our customers about any significant enhancements that have been made to the Prospect 365 platform. First up, new features & releases for January & February 2017...

New full text searching for products on eCommerce

This feature has been highly requested by many of you, and now it’s here! You can now search for a product in a variety of ways. For example, if you wanted to locate a ‘Blue Highlighter Pen’, this could be inputted into the search field as ‘highl pen blue’ or ‘pen blue highl’ etc. This intelligent searching feature will be highly beneficial, as you’ll be able to save time searching for exact wording combinations. Instead, products are more quickly identified with ease. Products will also be displayed from “Most Likely” match to “Least Likely”, making this process even quicker.

[Note: If you have custom search reports, these will need a quick update to benefit from this feature].

To see the full article about this feature, please visit our Major Feature blog here.

Faster site page generation

Due to new searching and pricing algorithms, site pages are generated faster than ever before. This makes the eCommerce experience a more seamless, efficient one for both site visitors/customers and for you.

Additionally, pages are now able to display 50+ products per page. This was something we received a lot of feedback on, as before your customers could only see a limited amount of your product portfolios. Now, your customers and potential customers have a more complete view of products and product categories. This feature has potentially additional benefits too – by being able to display a greater number of products on a single page, you now have an increased chance of being able to more effectively upsell and cross-sell, as customers will now be more aware of the range of products/services you have available. 

Faster site loading experience

We’ve been working very hard to release this feature for you as soon as we could – now, even after the page has been generated, sites now load much quicker due to new versioning and caching logic on the CMS for product images, and the ‘no-image’ images. 

New Images Features added to the CMS & Template Gallery

This update includes better data for previewing the templates. Previously, this used Security Systems demo data, which did not take into account the fact that many of the templates are for a diverse range of industries. We’ve now made this more accessible to all of you by using generic “Product A”, “Product B” products and the ‘no-image’ image.

You can now also specify maximum height and width for embedded images in the CMS, and have the resizer automatically process this for you rather than having to manually resize images before putting them into an embedded image container. This will not only save time, but will ensure that images do not become stretched/out of proportion, giving a more consistent feel to your site.

Many of the plugins now also support similar functionality when serving images from the file cache. For example, with the banner plugin – again, there is no need to manually resize banner images yourself.

The resizer features also now support SVG images for both of the above scenarios. 

What’s down the road?

As well as recently released features, we also wanted to let you know about what exciting features our Development Team are working on at the moment that you can expect to see in the near future. 

Add to basket speed & checkout plugins

The recoding of the eCommerce plugins to take advantage of new technologies and techniques. In particular, our Development Team are working on the add-to-basket speed and checkout plugins. This not only brings immediate speed and searching benefits, but it also provides the right platform for adding new features in the coming year. 

If you would like to chat through any of these new features, then please don't hesitate to contact us on 01494 48302 and we'll be more than happy to help.

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