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Infrastructure Support Policy

By ProspectSoft Ltd on Fri 09 July 2021 in Terms

Please read this policy for information about infrastructure support, including Out of Hours support...

This Policy

ProspectSoft User Support currently operates Normal UK Business Hours in UK Local Time between 08:30 and 17:00 Monday to Thursday and 08:30 to 16:30 on Friday, excluding UK bank holidays. For information on support availability, support processes and our support policy during these hours please refer to our User Support Policy.

This Infrastructure Support Policy is intended to ensure that Prospect 365 customers can access hosted business critical system support outside of these Normal UK Business Hours.

Out of Hours support only covers Business Critical incidents in the Prospect 365 Core systems. Business Critical incidents include:

  • Prospect 365 CRM Availability, or
  • Prospect 365 Sites Availability, or
  • Website Availability, or
  • Order Taking into Cloud ERP Systems; where
  • The issue is preventing all Users or all End Users of a service Accessing or Taking Orders into Cloud integration systems

Reporting a critical Incident

Customers can log Out of Hours Business Critical Incidents via Non-critical issues that are covered by our Normal UK Business Hours User Support Policy should be logged using our normal support submission processes, either in-app, via or by emailing

Customers are required to supply information on:

  • Which Services they are experiencing the critical issue with
  • The start time of the incident
  • Any error messages reported by the service

Target Response Time

We aim to respond to all Out of Hours support incidents within 2 hours of being reported.

Exceptions to this Policy

We cannot provide Out of Hours support for on-premise systems including on-premise account system integration, on-premise order confirmation and legacy Desktop CRM applications.

Similarly, we cannot provide Out of Hours support for any Version 6 services (as these all run on, or are reliant upon, your own or third party servers and infrastructure).

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