ProspectWOW is a powerful web analytics solution that allows you to identify specific companies visiting your website. Anonymous information can then be transformed into business intelligence, especially for the B2B marketplace.

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Web Analytics

With this newly discovered information, you can proactively contact the companies most interested in your business and at the most opportune time in their buying cycle.

Sales teams can:

  • Use a scoring system to differentiate between hot and cold leads
  • Identify and name prospects
  • Convert prospects into hot leads
  • Assign leads to sales team members


Marketers can:

  • Track campaigns and keywords
  • Identify which marketing methods are creating the most web visitors
  • Develop insights on visitor demographics


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Displays important B2B visitor demographics and reports on the most popular source of traffic to your site.

IP look up

Identify companies and even individuals visiting your website

Visitor journey tracking

See the pages viewed by companies visiting your website, including time, date and number of visits.

Page Scoring

Categorise and score you website pages from initial brochure pages to product information and key sales pages and help determine the right point to make contact.

Google, Linked In and D&B integration

Get more information about your website visitors at the click of a button.

Lead alerts

Customise a set of alerts to inform your sales team when quality leads arrive on your site.

eBusiness Integration

ProspectWOW web analytics can integrate with CRM, eCommerce and eMarketing.

CRM integration

Search your database for company details and link records to website visits so you can control lead interactions in one place