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ProspectSoft wins National Award for fifth time

By Jessica Heald on Fri 24 February 2017 in News

ProspectSoft have won the Best SME Undergraduate employer award for a fifth time...

ProspectSoft features in Chartered Management Institute

By Jessica Heald on Wed 28 December 2016 in News

While eCommerce is king in the consumer world, the B2B marketplace is still to wake up to the possibilities of omnichannel distribution...

Why B2B companies need to get into eCommerce - Growth Business UK

By Jessica Heald on Mon 12 December 2016 in News

Do your customers operate online? Could you improve their lives by giving them the kind of service that mirrors their consumer experiences?

What lies ahead for CRM?

By Jessica Heald on Wed 07 December 2016 in News

What lies ahead for CRM? Our MD, Andrew Ardron shares his predictions on Call Centre Helper...


ProspectSoft features in B2B Marketing

By Jessica Heald on Wed 30 November 2016 in News

CRM at its best will promote business efficiency, but take a half-hearted approach and its value is limited...

Fresh Business Thinking with MD, Andrew Ardron

By Jessica Heald on Wed 23 November 2016 in News

The strategic addition of eCommerce functionality can transform B2B operations...

ProspectSoft features on

By Jessica Heald on Thu 03 November 2016 in News

Everyone is a consumer, even those in professional uniforms. So why do our B2B experiences not replicate those we enjoy elsewhere?

ProspectSoft's Andrew Ardron discusses eCommerce: B2B business and the B2C approach

By Jessica Heald on Tue 25 October 2016 in News

Many B2B businesses are yet to adopt an online sales platform. Eventually, their customers will seek out somewhere else to take their business...

MD, Andrew Ardron, features in Real Business

By Jessica Heald on Tue 11 October 2016 in News

A surprising number of B2B companies have the metaphorical "closed sign" in the shop window at times when customers are poised to make a purchase...

ProspectSoft features in Business Matters

By Jessica Heald on Fri 30 September 2016 in News

You don't need to be Arkwright to appreciate the business benefits of being open all hours...