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ProspectSoft features on

By Jessica Heald on Thu 03 November 2016 in News

Everyone is a consumer, even those in professional uniforms. So why do our B2B experiences not replicate those we enjoy elsewhere?

ProspectSoft features in Business Matters

By Jessica Heald on Fri 30 September 2016 in News

You don't need to be Arkwright to appreciate the business benefits of being open all hours...

Launch of Prospect 365

By Stuart McLaren on Thu 14 April 2016 in News


A Fantastic event with a real Olympic feel, with the help of World renowned Javelin Olympian Steve Backley OBE, ProspectSoft were proud to Launch their 'Platform for Success' Prospect 365 at the Olympic park in London...

Guardian Placement Article

By Stuart McLaren on Thu 28 January 2016 in News

  Struggling to fill a skills gap, ProspectSoft hired an undergraduate – an approach that has since become vital for recruitment...