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Produce Quotes & Orders with Ease

With Prospect, your customer facing staff can manage contacts, track opportunities, produce quotations and build orders using all your TradeGecko information, ultimately confirming orders directly into TradeGecko with a click of a button.

A Centralised View for your Whole Team

Pull together all customer information in a single, consolidated view through integration with TradeGecko and use it to maximise sales success and customer retention throughout the customer life-cycle.

Eliminate Rekeying of Orders

By connecting TradeGecko with Prospect CRM, you can eliminate time-consuming, error-prone rekeying, allowing your sales team to spend more time selling; more time signing up new customers, getting repeat orders, up-selling and retaining them.

Sales History

Our CRM integration to TradeGecko takes all your customer's account information like sales history and special pricing from TradeGecko, empowering you and your team to be super-efficient while offering the best possible customer service 24/7.

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Key Info

What is TradeGecko?

TradeGecko is a Singapore based software-as-a-service company that develops online inventory and order management software targeted at SMEs.

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About TradeGecko

  • Customers who are running their business operations on TradeGecko cover a wide range of industries including fashion & apparel brands, cosmetics, health & wellness, food & beverage and many others.
  • TradeGecko is powerful cloud based inventory and order management software for modern online businesses.
  • With TradeGecko, users can create purchase orders, backorders, stock takes and adjustments, plus easily track pack sizes, batches and expiry dates across multiple warehouses.
  • TradeGecko gives users detailed up-to-date visibility and control over your inventory.

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