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5 apps to help keep your New Year’s resolutions

By Fiona Ness on Tue 02 December 2014 in Topical

It’s that time of year again when Christmas will pass and the countdown to people talking about New Year’s resolutions is on. 

I don’t like New Year’s resolutions, not because I think they’re a bad idea, but because I’m terrible at keeping them. In fact, most years I start with the same list: go to the gym more and stop biting my nails, and most years I’ve given up by mid-January. If you’re the same then this article is for you. After scouring the App store I’ve got 5 of the best apps to help you keep the most common New Year’s resolutions.

Exercise more and eat better

My fitness pal

This app covers it all, from recording what you eat to how often you’re exercising and even whether you’re eating the right amounts of each food group. Trust me it becomes a bit addictive, but it’s surprising how much easier it is to stick to your promises when you’re recording it all in an app. It even tells you how long it is since you last logged any exercise or food intake.

Couch to 5K and Couch to 10k

I’ve not quite brought myself to run a 5K yet, or a 10K for that matter, but maybe this is my year and after speaking to a number of people who have used this app I’m more than willing to recommend it. The best thing is it builds you up to do a 5 or 10K slowly, so you might even be able to do the first session on New Year ’s Day? Ok maybe leave it until the 2nd January.

Making or breaking a habit


If your New Year’s resolution is simply to stop doing something that is bad for you or wasting your money this is the app for you. Just download Quitter, enter what you want to quit and how much it currently costs you and the app will start counting how long you have quit for as well as the amount of money you’ve saved. Easy and hassle free. Plus, the money building up is great motivation – trust me!

Way of life

Way of life helps you get into the habit of doing something, but in my opinion it goes go slightly down the guilt tripping route to achieve it. You know that look the gym instructors give you when you’ve not been for weeks then barely break a sweat when you do go? Well the app does that pretty well. Just add the tasks you want to achieve, maybe it’s exercising more, drinking less or stopping biting your nails then the app will simply ask you if you’ve achieved this at the end of the day. Say yes, you get a green box, say no and the box is red. Slowly your progression graph begins to grow.

Better organisation


I love this app. I’m so good at procrastinating that it has become a necessity in my life. If one of your resolutions is to become more organised, then you definitely need to download 30/30. All you have to do is tell the app which tasks you need to complete, allocate them a length of time and get going. When the alarm goes off you know it’s time to move on to your next task. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but trust me I spend far less time reading the hundreds of newsletters I’m subscribed to now.

As well as personal New Year’s resolutions, now is always a good time to review your business processes. In my opinion they’re much easier to stick to than that daily gym session or salad instead of a chocolate bar. 

For more information on reviewing your processes and the changes your business can make to become more efficient get in touch on 01494 486 301.