Emails are a fantastic way to engage with people in a quick, simple and cost effective manner.

ProspectSoft eMail marketing allows you to organise marketing campaigns and generate e-shots with dynamic content. Personalised and targeted eMail marketing campaigns can be created and sent from within ProspectSoft CRM to generate higher quality leads for your sales team. Actions that recipients take such as clicks, page views and survey submissions are all logged in the CRM system against customer records and are available to your whole team - not just your marketing department.

CRM integration

ProspectSoft's eMail marketing is integrated to the core CRM system, allowing rapid targeting of contacts according to specified criteria. Campaign reports are generated down to the individual contact level for more focused follow-ups such as secondary eMails or telemarketing activities. All of which provide detailed ROI statistics.

eCommerce integration

With ProspectSoft eMail marketing you can drive new and repeat business to your site using targeted data, such as abandoned baskets, to increase your online sales.

Accounts integration

When targeting existing customers the no1 criteria is what they have or have not previously purchased from you. ProspectSoft eMail marketing combines purchase history data with traditional marketing, profiling information so you can send personalised and relevant eMails at the right time.

Go Mobile

Email audiences are increasingly mobile. You can optimise your email for mobile using responsive templates, making it easier for your audience to interact with your content whilst out and about.


Contact list management

Target your data on purchase history combined with profiling information to generate better results from your marketing campaigns.

Data management

Automatically flag unsubscribes and bounced emaileMail addresses in your database

Great designs without HTML knowledge

Upload your template in our easy-to-use editor, personalise your emails, insert documents & images and add trackable links.

Dynamic Content

Upload your template in our easy-to-use editor, personalise your eMails, insert documents & images and add trackable links



Inbox and SPAM checking

Ensure your eMail is delivered by running detailed SPAM checks across major eMail clients and mobile devices

Instant reporting

See individual clicks and actions with your e-shots and report on your campaigns ROI success.


Further tracking of your eMail audiences journey on your website with analytics

eBusiness Integration

ProspectSoft eMail marketing can integrate with CRM, eCommerce and ProspectWOW web analytics