Well implemented CRM, will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. Our consultants, account managers and customer support teams have experience of working with businesses in a range of industries. We take the time to understand how your business runs, so we are able to advise you on how to get the best from ProspectSoft solutions.


CRM helps your business run more efficiently by streamlining business processes; bringing customer and business information together. You will notice the difference, from lead follow-up to order taking; making better use of employee time.


Integration brings business information together and eliminates time consuming, error prone re-keying of data. ProspectSoft CRM offers unparalleled integration with Access Dimensions, Exchequer, Pegasus Opera and Sage 50 accounting systems, meaning that you can:

  • Maintain a single source of customer data
  • Eliminate errors and time consuming rekeying
  • Extend data to your website and customer facing teams
  • Directly confirm orders into your accounts system
  • Improve management reporting, forecasting and information sharing



ProspectSoft CRM is a modular solution that can be adapted to meet your business requirements. It is particularly suited to small to medium sized enterprises (up to 150 employees) that have outgrown their current business information systems, typically operating in the business-to-business sector. CRM can be run on your local area network and through cloud and mobile solutions, providing your staff with access to vital customer information anywhere.

Your customers will notice the difference

Your vital business information (including your accounts data) is now accessible in the office and in the field through ProspectSoft’s solutions. This data will enhance the professionalism of your sales team and offering informed customer service. ProspectSoft’s suite of CRM, eCommerce and eMarketing solutions are developed and supported in-house and help drive the business of leading SMEs in the UK and internationally.


Contact Management

Track and follow-up with your customers in a robust central database

Accounts Integration

Integrate your CRM to your accounts system to access key customer information & avoid time consuming rekeying

Document Management

Create, organise and share key documentation (e.g. eMails, quotes, orders, invoices) throughout your organisation


Provide your sales team with the latest information out on the road

Customer Service

Log, assist and track customer queries to offer informed customer service

Business reporting

Monitor all business activity in one place

Sales Management

Log & progress leads, access customer account information, build quotes & confirm orders into your accounts system

eBusiness Integration

ProspectSoft CRM can integrate to eCommerce, eMarketing and ProspectWOW web analytics.