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RFM Segmentation

Target the right customers, at the right time, with the right message through this automated and proven customer segmentation strategy. Prospect automatically segments customers by order Recency, Frequency and Monetary value. RFM is simply the best kept secret in wholesale & distribution!

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Magic Matrix Analysis

Increase customer lifetime value (CLTV) by getting more customers to buy more of your products. Strategically identify and action key cross-selling opportunities using Prospect’s unique Magic Matrix system.

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Better Quotes

Most product businesses need to send a lot of quotes in order to get lots of orders. Improve your staff efficiency by making it easy to generate accurate and beautiful quotes…and make it easy for your customers to place orders with our optimised Quote-to-Order Workflow.

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Faster Order Taking

Whether you send quotes first or just take incoming orders, you want your staff to spend more time helping customers and less time keying orders or rekeying quotations. From CSV uploads, Stripe payment integration, automated confirmation emails and template orders through to B2B portals & eCommerce sites, you’ll improve order efficiency with Prospect CRM.

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Missing Order Alerts

No matter how good your marketing, quoting and order-taking processes are, some customers will at some point look elsewhere for other products and suppliers. Spotting that is hard, and yet doing so quickly is essential for customer retention. Prospect’s AI Growth Engine (P.A.I.G.E.) automatically identifies at-risk customers, allowing you to act early and avoid customer churn.

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Get More Customers

Record details of an enquiry or lead in Prospect CRM directly, or capture these via optimised web forms that you can create and add to your website. Automatically feed them from your website straight into Prospect CRM for your team to review, qualify and convert into CRM Opportunities and track conversions.

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Track Inventory

As a Wholesaler, Distributor or Manufacturer, it's not enough to just manage customers, quotes and orders – you’ll also need accurate stock-levels and detailed product information. With Prospect, you can advise customers about what’s in stock and what’s not, and even include product images and spec sheets with your quotes.

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Grow Faster with Shared Goals

Whether you’re focussed on new business or customer lifetime value, the ultimate measure of success is growing your sales orders and revenue. Prospect’s strong integration means you can accurately set goals and targets against revenue and order, without any rekeying or complex spreadsheets. Know where your team is winning and where it can improve.

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Opportunity Tracking

All CRMs offer lead and opportunity tracking, so it’s no surprise that Prospect has that too. But with customisable pipelines, leaderboards and sales reporting all in one place, you can track sales performance with ease. Worst, Likely and Best figures are calculated automatically, helping you determine which sales are most likely to close and by when, giving you a more accurate sales forecast.

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Problem Tracking

Whilst product businesses don’t need complex or dedicated support ticketing software, they do need to deal with delivery issues, product returns & sometimes complaints. Record your client's issue as a CRM ticket & pass it in real-time to your customer service, warehousing or accounts team using detailed accounts & sales data to resolve issues at the source & turn every problem into an amazing customer experience.

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Equipment & Contracts

For those that need it, Prospect allows you to record and keep track of products that customers have in their possession under a service contract or on lease. From recording contract renewal dates and types of contracts, to logging your different equipment manufacturers and linking equipment items to other CRM records, you can monitor it all in Prospect.

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End-to-End Reporting

Don’t just report on typical CRM records and activities, analyse your business all the way from enquiries to opportunities, quotations, orders and even invoices and credits. Track performance by customer, by product, by salesperson or by account manager and territory.

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Get Integrated in Minutes

Prospect was built for integration. No messing around, no fuss, no custom integration. Sign up for a Prospect CRM free trial today and integrate it to your Inventory, ERP or Accounting data in minutes…and discover a whole new world of automation, efficiency and sales success!

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Real Results in Real Businesses

Stock-Aware CRM is helping Wholesalers, Distributors & Manufacturers worldwide increase revenues and drive real business growth!

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