Integration is at the heart of all our business solutions. Our CRM, eCommerce and eMarketing solutions bring business and customer information together into a single view. Making more efficient processes through unparalleled integration with the following accounting systems:

  • Access Dimensions
  • Exchequer
  • Pegasus Opera
  • Sage 50
  • SAP
  • Greentree

ProspectSoft CRM and eCommerce extend critical customer information from your back-office accounting software to your website and customer facing teams.

Accounting System Integration - why is it important?

  • Eliminates human error and time-consuming re-keying between systems, saving you time
  • Provides non-accounting system users with access to valuable account information so they can provide an informed service
  • Enables the creation of accurate quotations and orders lessening the time spent on sales admin
  • Extends and updates critical customer and product information to your website in almost real-time keeping your customers up to date without manual changes to your website
  • Consistent credit limits and terms across telesales, field sales and trade portals


Integrated CRM

Many businesses store their core customer information in their accounting system. However, this is often not easily accessible and is limited to a relatively small number of people. ProspectSoft CRM can help you improve your business efficiency and offer a better service by allowing all users to access this important information in a user-friendly format.

When generating quotes and orders, product and pricing information (including many special pricing options) can be taken directly from the accounting system. ProspectSoft CRM allows the user to see current stock levels, sales history, product groupings and pricing, customer on-stop details and credit ratings.

Integrated eCommerce

ProspectSoft eCommerce integration allows you to extend critical customer data to your website in almost real-time. This includes your latest product and pricing information, any customer-specific special pricing, current stock levels, and current promotions; without requiring any manual changes to be made to your website. This valuable information will make it easy for customers to place orders online, rather than on the phone and will lessen order processing admin for your team.

Orders can be confirmed directly into the accounting system without seeing an accounting screen or having any knowledge of the accounting processes. Most importantly this can be done without needing a full accounting system licence. Both sales and purchase ledger accounts can be linked to a customer or supplier in the CRM system, allowing a CRM user to view previous transactions and even drill into specific invoices - all from within the CRM system.