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What is Stock-Aware CRM?

Wholesalers, Distributors and Manufacturers know that selling physical products B2B involves unique operational challenges, meaning ordinary CRM's fall short. Stock-Aware CRM is different.

Prospect is a new type of Stock-Aware CRM that's specifically designed for Wholesalers, Distributors and Manufacturers who sell physical products B2B. 

Prospect integrates product, inventory and customer sales data, to streamline B2B CRM processes. Your team will save time, increase sales and maximise profits.

Stock-Aware CRM
Prospect combines the best of traditional CRM – Marketing, Sales Pipelines and Customer Service Management  – with the reality of selling B2B products – quoting, ordering, inventory management, special pricing, back orders, product information and even contracts, serial numbers and asset ensure your sales and service teams are fully Stock-Aware.
B2B eCommerce
With integrated eCommerce and B2B trade portals, customers become Stock-Aware too. Customers see selected product and inventory information, can place orders and access customer services 24/7. Customers get an enhanced buying experience, while your sales and service staff are free to focus on more complex and valuable opportunities and activities.
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More than ordinary CRM & eCommerce

This is no ordinary CRM & eCommerce solution. Years of integration experience, combined with the latest cloud technology has created the ultimate solution for B2B product sales.

Unparalleled Integration
Unparalleled Integration
Prospect integrates product, inventory and customer data to streamline processes, increase sales and improve customer service
Empower your B2B Sales team
Empower your Sales Team
Unlike ordinary CRM, Prospect users are Stock-Aware. Any user can instantly check stock, review customer’s current and past orders, provide quotations and even take a new order instantly - all from their browser
Focus on what matters
Focus on what matters
Stock-Aware users have the data they need, when they need it, without flipping between CRM and ERP systems, and juggling copious spreadsheets or PDF reports to fill in the gaps
Reporting to learn more about your customers and business
Take Control
Because integration reduces re-keying, speeds information flow and increases accuracy, Stock-Aware managers are empowered with the control and insights that let them make better business decisions
Customer Experience Matters
Your customers are busy too
With integrated B2B trade portals, customers become Stock-Aware too. They can self-serve selected product information, place orders and access customer services 24/7, improving customer experiences while freeing your staff to focus on more complex and valuable opportunities
Easy, Flexible and Scalable
Easy, Flexible & Scalable
For 2, 20, or 200 users, Prospect is a fully scalable cloud-based CRM & eCommerce platform with simple, no nonsense pricing starting from just £20 per user per month

Wholesalers, Distributors & Manufacturers

61% of Distributors are focused on revenue growth
52% are prioritising increased profitability
42.7% are driving efficiency with eCommerce
1/3 are currently investing in CRM to drive growth

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