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Take more orders by integrating Exchequer to Prospect, the #1 Stock-Aware CRM

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Take more orders and share critical customer and stock information across your whole team by integrating Exchequer to Prospect Stock-Aware CRM.

A Cloud CRM - Built for Exchequer

Bring your Exchequer data to life in a secure, modern, cloud CRM for Exchequer, whilst reducing the load on your Exchequer server. And, as your business grows, Prospect can grow with you.

Produce Quotes & Orders With Ease

With Prospect, your customer facing staff can produce quotations and sales orders using all your Exchequer information - without having to manually check any prices. Then, confirm orders directly into Exchequer with a click of a button.

Share Exchequer Stock Information with Front-Line Staff

Knowing which products are available today/tomorrow/next week means Sales teams are Stock-Aware too - they can sell the right thing at the right time to the right customers; improving stock management & customer service.

Eliminate Rekeying of Orders

By connecting Exchquer with Prospect CRM, you eliminate time-consuming, error-prone rekeying, allowing your Sales team to spend more time selling from Prospect CRM.

Understand your Customers Better

Know which of your customers are buying more this year than last, who's buying less or stopped buying - all using real-time Exchequer data.

Feel In Full Control - With One Version of the Whole Truth

Real-time visibility gives you a complete picture of what's happening with your customers in a consolidated view so you're empowered to give solid gold customer service.

Key Info

What is Exchequer?

Exchequer is an award-winning financial and accounting solution suitable for small to medium-sized organisations, and is widely used by wholesalers and distributors who sell products from stock.

Minimum CRM Package

Professional CRM

Exchequer Installation Requirements

On-premise Accounting System Gateway Requirements are outlined in the document below.

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Exchequer Accounting System

About Exchequer

  • For real-time management reporting to accounting on the move, Exchequer offers a range of benefits that will enable you to simplify your processes and strengthen all areas of your financial management
  • Exchequer's software features powerful real-time reporting and specialist sector functions for individual industry needs
More about Exchequer

Exchequer Customers

Because ProspectSoft integrates to our Exchequer accounting system, we now have one central place to perform all our key sales processes.

Paul Carpenter, Operations Director, Airflow Developments Group VIEW CASE STUDY

Both the integration to our accounting system, Exchequer, along with the fact that ProspectSoft can adapt the system to suit your business requirements were what attracted us to ProspectSoft.

Howard Venning, Managing Director, Aspen Electronics Ltd VIEW CASE STUDY

Integration was key for us. We have a long-standing relationship with Exchequer. Implementing ProspectSoft was therefore a natural extension of our business. Customer orders are processed straight through to Exchequer, meaning there is no error-prone rekeying.

John Hewitt, General Manager, Beta Valve VIEW CASE STUDY

We use Exchequer for our account solution, which in the past stored all our important information. Using this information and adding to it was essential.

Craig Lewis, Managing Director, Clinipak VIEW CASE STUDY

Integrating to our Exchequer accounts system through ProspectSoft has extended the level of personal service we can provide to each customer online. Customers have access to individual account information; including product purchase history, customer specific pricing and available stock.

Cycling Sports Group VIEW CASE STUDY

ProspectSoft CRM enabled us to bring all our business and customer information together into a central place through its integration to Exchequer. An integrated solution meant everyone could access and store information about customers, and in turn our processes became more efficient.

Lucy Woodnutt, General Manager, Forestadent VIEW CASE STUDY

The integration to our accounts was great as everything was already on there, meaning no rekeying was involved.

Dave Shuttleworth, Managing Director, IDNS VIEW CASE STUDY

The integration to Exchequer was, and still is, the driving factor to us adopting the system - we use Exchequer for our accounts, and having orders processed straight from ProspectSoft to Exchequer was a very attractive feature for us.

Malcolm Avison, Managing Director, Vantage House VIEW CASE STUDY

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