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Who else should be using your CRM system?

By Fiona Ness on Fri 06 December 2013 in CRM

Customers have more choice than ever before and with that comes increased expectations.

According to a survey by Tech News the top 3 benefits people expect from a CRM system are better customer service, customer satisfaction and customer retention. These benefits should go hand in hand with customer expectation, so there shouldn’t be any issues right?

Well actually it’s not that simple. As I mentioned on Monday, the top 5 functions that are seen to be the most beneficial, and are also most used, focus on increasing sales to your business. This begs the question: Does a focus on increased sales help you meet, or even exceed, customer expectations?

The simple answer: No.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you shouldn’t be using your CRM to increase sales. It is obvious that this is a key benefit to your business. What I am saying is, have you thought about how the members of your team who are customer focused could make use of your existing system?

If the answer is no why not? Like I said, customer expectation is constantly increasing. These expectations don’t just stop after your sales guys have closed a deal. Your customers expect, and should get, the best every time they interact with you. Getting your whole team on board isn’t hard and might actually help you meet customer expectations.

We’ve all heard the stats about customer acquisition costing more than customer retention. When it’s so easy to extend your CRM throughout all departments there really is no excuse.

Until 5pm on Monday 9th December we are offering existing customers 2 for 1 on users. If you want to get more from your CRM and in turn meet the expectations of your customers now is the time to speak to us.

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