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Why is your website so important?

By Fiona Ness on Wed 04 December 2013 in Web Analytics

I’m sure at one point or another we have all been guilty of setting up a website and just hoping it does the job you want it to.

You might be doing some monitoring of statistics like website traffic through Google Analytics. If these figures are high you might even assume that your site is successful, but the truth is, unless your visitors are converting it is safe to say your website isn’t doing the job you wanted it to.

Don’t worry, this does not mean your site is a lost cause. It does mean that you need to build a profile of your visitors, understand what they’re looking at, why they’re not converting and when the right time to contact them is. So this is exactly what I want to tell you about.

93% of B2B customers doing research online, but only 5% will actually contact you. Knowing the best time to contact these visitors and where they are in their buying cycle can make the difference between a website visit and a lead, but how do you do this?

It probably seems like a big ask, but in reality there are three steps you need to take:

  1. Build a profile of your visitors
  2. Give your pages and visitors scores
  3. Make contact based on results of the first 2 steps.

Using a tool such as ProspectWOW gives you access to IP matching technology with the ability to find out, not only how many visitors your site gets, but which companies are looking at your site as well. Plus with LinkedIn integration and page scoring you can start to build a real picture of companies, contacts and stages in buying cycles.

This means you could have a website generating leads for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You just need to act at the right time! What more could you want?

So consider the following…

  • Do you know who is looking at your site and what they’re looking at?
  • Do you know where the conversion points are on your website?
  • Are you building a profile of your visitors?
  • Do you know where your visitors are in their buying cycle?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, why not make the most of our Free 30 day ProspectWOW trial? You don’t have to be using ProspectSoft’s eCommerce solution to implement ProspectWOW so why not speak to your Account Manager about this offer today? Don’t forget it expires on Thursday at 5pm!