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Done right, in an online model SME’s can compete & beat the corporates

By Victoria Dyke on Mon 22 July 2013 in Web & eCommerce

The future looks promising. 

Buyers are now adopting new technologies faster than ever. The uptake of smartphones and tablet devices is growing and online transactions speak for themselves…

Transactions via mobile devices are growing with sales up by 136% year on year and up by 8% from the previous month. Conversion rates increased by 1.27% in June 2012 to June 2013 – this kind of increase in conversion represents serious traction in UK market compared to anything else.

Even in the B2B online model, more & more purchasers are using mobile devices – the devices are prolific & sophisticated and as younger generations come through business the adoption & acceptance has increased exponentially.

Where is mobile going? It is predicted that the bricks and mortar shops will become more like showrooms over time. A place to try goods which are then scanned via a mobile device to purchase and have delivered in 24 hours or less. The future for businesses (large or small) is changing based on this purchaser behaviour. So, SME’s should be investing their efforts in online & mobile to avoid falling behind these big moves in technology.

Make sure your sites are mobile friendly, be that a responsive design or a dedicated eCommerce site to take your chunk of the increasing transactions made via mobile devices and to set yourselves up to take the next step in the digital market.