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How to make the most of your website hits

By Emma Hart on Mon 15 April 2013 in Web & eCommerce

Website Lead Generation...

A marketers favourite three words. But what is it that turns the cogs of generating leads in a B2B environment? Marketers spend endless hours, money and resources creating awareness through eMail Marketing, blogs and web content, SEO and PPC campaigns and now to add to it all, social media has become a buzz word in marketing activities. The aim of all of this is ultimately to drive traffic to your website in the hope these visitors will have built enough awareness and interest in you to take the next step and make contact. Job done, the sales team have a lead to follow up and engage with. Not quite. Only about 5% of website visitors will actually ever make contact with you, not a great ROI for all those hours spent on marketing.

Marketing trends have seen a shift towards more personalised, targeted and relevant messages with the ability to respond quickly to actions through social media and email marketing mediums. Intelligent marketing and well managed follow ups are clearly on the rise and your website is the central hub of your business. It is your shop window, the place you send all traffic to from your marketing campaigns, be that clicks from an email, links from social media, invoices, email footers and even your business card all encourage people to visit.  It is following up with those visitors in the right way at the right time that will bring you your ROI.

But how can you tell who is a ‘hot’ lead and not just a passer-by?

Building a profile of your web visitors

Building a profile of a potential customer based on what they have looked at on your website is the first step in understanding their requirement from your business. It is all well and good knowing the most popular pages but what’s the point if you don’t know who is looking at them?

Is it possible to even gain this information? Yes. In fact it’s easy. Using IP address matching technology, such as ProspectWOW, you can accurately match your website visitor’s IP address to their company name. Great! You can even monitor which pages they have looked at so now you can see which companies are interested in which areas of your business.

Plus, by scoring each web page you can even notify yourself when someone has reached a certain score, meaning they have browsed your website a lot, are maybe a ‘hot’ lead, or have looked at a ‘hot’ page, for example, your ‘request a quote’ page. So now is the time to give them a call.

Making Contact with your website visitors

In a competitive marketplace where the power is now in the customer/prospects hands it is even more vital to engage and catch them at the right time in their buying cycle. Not an easy task to conquer considering the low percentage of visitors making contact via your website. But even with an IP address matching tool, you only know the company name, not the individual who is browsing, right? Not quite.

With built in LinkedIn Integration you can also determine a contacts name giving you the ability to find out your key point of contact. For example, as a telecoms company you may want the IT Director/Manager’s details. Simply hit the LinkedIn button to browse their company on LinkedIn for a list of contacts at your disposal.

You now have a well profiled website lead with your target contact. Sales Gold Dust!

You are now able to see how effective your marketing campaigns are, coupled with the valuable information on those companies’ interests and contact details, instantly providing you with hot leads for your sales guys to follow up on. This lead generating medium opens up a window of valuable opportunities you probably hadn’t even been aware of. And more importantly, you have this is at the peak of their buying cycle, a perfect time to influence and build trust, a crucial factor in any B2B sales cycle.

But there is no point speculating how it can work for your business, why not give it a go for free?

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