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3 reasons you’re not getting the return you’d expected from your website

By Victoria Dyke on Mon 23 February 2015 in Web & eCommerce

You’ve been working with a design agency on your new website. It looks great. Your key marketing message is splashed across the homepage and you have just hit send on the launch email to encourage your customers to order their goods online.

But a few months later, the returns are not as you had hoped. In fact, you still have some of your biggest customers phoning you to place orders and others simply complaining about the lack of information available to them online, such as basic account information. Even when you do get an order via the web, the details then need as much effort to enter into your system as a telephone order.

Not what you expected from your investment!

There are 3 common reasons why…

  1. Your customers cannot access even their basic account information on your website let alone key information such as special pricing, credit limits and purchase history
  2. You are not displaying up to date product information online
  3. You are still manually processing online orders

In a B2B environment you are likely to be dealing with customers who have special pricing, place many repeat orders, and need information quickly. Therefore, if you are not providing individual account information and up to date stock details you are unlikely to get your key customers using your website.

Add to this the time (and human error) cost involved with manually processing each order from your website and your web profit is dramatically lower than if you had integrated your website to your back office accounts solution.

An integrated eCommerce website will…

  • Allow you to provide key customer account information online including special pricing & frequently purchased items
  • Display up to date stock levels, product information and pricing
  • Directly confirm orders into your accounts system – eliminating the need for rekeying

ProspectSoft eCommerce unparalleled integration to Access Dimensions, Exchequer, Pegasus Opera and Sage 50 allows you to extend critical customer data to your website in almost real-time. This includes your latest product and pricing information, any customer-specific special pricing, current stock levels, and current promotions; without requiring any manual changes to be made to your website. This valuable information makes it easy for customers to place orders online, rather than on the phone and will lessen order processing admin for your team. Ultimately increasing your return on investment.

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